Radha Bhakti Sudha: Background

Divine Blessing of Mother Sita
Spritual Grace of Satguru Shri Chile Maharaj ,Paijarwadi, Dt.Kolhapur

Inspiration :            Satguru Shri Thakur Maharaj, Pune 

Humble Author :     Dr.Pradeep Wagh    Hindi,English, 
Book Dedicated to : Author's Parents :  Babanrao Wagh & Smt. Vatsala Wagh 

About Radha Bhakti Sudha Anthology :

We all know the famous stories of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha from ‘Dwapar Yug’ (Dwapar Era), about 5000 years ago . Lord Krishna has guided mankind for ages together by his messages, which he has given through Bhagvad Gita.

Radha is commonly known as the consort of Lord Krishna.

But do you know that Radha herself was a very spiritual, knowledgeable, devotee of the divine ?

Radha Bhakti Sudha (RBS), i.e. Radha’s Devotional Anthology tries to present this devotional image of Radha.

This anthology is contemporary.

In this anthology, the teenaged ‘Sakhis’ (female friends) of Radha ask her many questions about the mystical topic of ‘Bhakti’ (devotion).

They ask her:

“ Radhaji !

What is “Sat-Sang Bhakti “ (Devotional Harmony in Togetherness)?

Is there any importance of “Karma” (Duty) while doing “Bhakti” (Devotion)?

What are the types of “Hari Bhakti” (Devotion through Love for the Lord)?

How to immerse in “Anant Bhakti” (Infinite devotion)? “

Radha answers all these mystical questions through very simple, sweet songs.


About the Author Dr. Pradeep Wagh :

Dr.Pradeep Babanrao Wagh was born in Jhansi, Uttarpradesh,India. He is B.Tech. I.I.T ,Madras, and Master of Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),Thailand. He was awarded a Ph.D. in the year 2006 for his work in Enterprise Education.

Since childhood Dr. Wagh has grown up in a God fearing and spiritual environment. In 1994,in an eerie experience, Dr. Wagh felt some sublime thoughts emerging from deeper

precincts of his inner consciousness. He felt as if these were emerging as a result of blessings of his spiritual Guru late Shri. Chile Maharaj.This process n 1998, he received inspiration to compile these into a trilogy:

Sita Shakti Kavya i.e. Sita's Empowerment Anthology.

Radha Bhakti Sudha i.e. Radha's Devotional Anthology.

Maha Laxmi Mukti Samwad i.e. Maha Laxmi's Dialogues of Emancipation


The Sita Shakti Kavya has won the following awards.

1. Best Art Direction Award, San Francisco Short Film Festival, July ‘06

2. Best Integral Realization Award, Festival de Cine de Granada (Spain), Dec ‘06



Presented by:                       Development Education (International) Society

Produced, Directed             Dr. Pradeep Wagh

and Lyrics by:

Executive Producer:           Mr. Jagdish Kulkarni

Production Incharge:         Mr. Ganesh Gaikwad, FTII

Choreography:                    Ms. Varsha Godbole, Australia

                                              & Ms. Sampada Lad, India

Music:                                  Pandit. Uday Deshpande

Art Direction:                     Mr. Dilip Kandhare

Camera:                              Mr. Sandeep Awadhani

Assistance:                         Mr. Mukhtar Shaikh and Mrs. Mayura Joshi

Computer Graphics:        Mr. Dhiraj Laddha


Books and Cds:

1. Radha Bhakti Sudha Printed Book , Hindi and English

2. Radha Bhakti Sudha Audio Cd, Hindi

3. Radha Bhakti Sudha , Video Cd, Hindi with English sub titles