Blessings of Divine Mother Radha

Spiritual Grace of Shri Satguru Datta Chile Maharaj

Inspiration from Shri Satguru Thakur Maharaj

Humble author

Dr. Pradeep Wagh, Ph.D


Invaluable guidance:

Brig. P.V.Gole (Retd.), AVSM, Chairman, D.E.I.S.,Pune

Dr. U.M.Pathan, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Marathwada University

Dr. S.P.Mishra, Vice Chancellor, Devsanskriti University, Haridwar

Mr. Kelvin Duncan, MD, Community Commn., New Zealand

Mr. Wilfried Claus, Netherlands                   Mr.Bharat Gohel, USA

Inspiraton: Mrs. Netra Wagh, Anuya, Kashmira, Omkar

Research and Hindi composition: Dr. Richa Sharma

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By the Divine grace of Satguru (Great Master) Datta Chile Maharaj, from 1994, I was blessed to get BODHAS (revelations) about some events in Radha Devi’s life.

On 21st Jan 2004, from my inner precincts of consciousness, I felt I got instructions of my Satguru that these should be converted into a Radha Bhakti Sudha, RBS i.e. Radha’s Devotional Anthology within about a year. I became a bit worried as to when and how it will happen.

About 23rd April 2004, I had the good fortune of visiting Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya, DSVV, Haridwar. At this scared place the introduction of RBS incarnated from my inner consciousness. This came with a suggestion of dialect of BRAJ language which was popularly spoken by the people of Gokul and Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna and Radha ji have performed most of their LEELA (Divine stories).

I again became anxious because I didn’t know that language. At that time, Dr. S. P. Mishra, Vice Chancellor, DSVV made a visionary statement of guidance to me that I should not worry about the language but let the BODHAS incarnate as they come, and first see what GOD wants to tell us. I took this as a blessing and returned to my home town Pune.

On 29th April 2004, evening all of a sudden the structure of RBS seemed to appear in my heart and I felt blessed.

In this way RBS is now manifest and is presented to friends and well wishers for their advice and guidance.   

A number of my family and friends have helped through invaluable guidance, inspiration and association in other ways. 

Acharya Shri Dama Shankar ji Maharaj, from Vridavan, gave his best wishes when RBS was being written.

Swami Purnanand Saraswati Maharaj of Sitabani, Uttarakhand State (India), also gave his blessings when RBS was written.

This anthology was first published on 25th May 2005.

Audio and Video CDs were also made.

I request all readers and audience of RBS to offer their critical comments, guidance and blessings to this Anthology.

Pradeep Wagh,
7th July 2007, Pune - India


Foreword to Radha Bhakti Sudha 2018 Edition 

The first publication of RADHA BHAKTI SUDHA, RBS took place in year 2007.

The RBS 2018 Edition has incorporated some improvements. 

It is a matter of great joy that in 2008 this RBS was converted into a dance drama video film. This film went on to win National and International Awards and recognitions. 

1.      Special Mention granted by the Jury, New York Short Film Festival, USA,  March 2008

2.      Festival De Cine De Granada, Spain, for Art Direction , 2008

I invite you all to continue your association with the beautiful onward journey of this RBS and take pleasure in placing this new edition in your hands. All your critical comments are welcome. 

I have one more request to make. This anthology is now uploaded on our web portal:


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