3. Devotional Harmony together (Sat-sang Bhakti)


Come my Sakhis (Female friends), let us immense ourselves in 'Sat - Sangh Bhakti' "Devotional Harmony together".

Dear Radha, What is 'Sat - Sangh Bhakti' 

Song 1: Devotional harmony together

All living beings
Enfold the TRUTH
Realizing this indeed
Is goal of life O' youth

Ponder on wisdom of science
Think of 'Dharma', the Duty
'Sat - Karma', the truthful action
And manifold 'Spiritual - energy'

With me are friends beloved,
Hearts singing in euphony
Seek a vision of life divine
This is ‘Sat-sangh Bhakti ’
(Devotional harmony together).


Fulvariya : 
Radha ji, please tell me, by which name of the Lord should one
remember Him ?

Oh! Dear, You can call Him by any name. As long as you remember Him with a pure heart, He will surely come to your
dwelling on hearing that name. You understand now, don’t you Fulvariya?

Mayuriya : 
I just cannot understand this. You are saying that take the name of the Lord, keep your mind focused on Him, but where can one at all see Him?

Song 2 : The Lord in inner space (Antarang mein prabhuvar)

As the rays of the mighty Sun
Come o’er boundless sea and space
And by the bodily eye indeed
Form a focus point of grace.

So in our heart-full inner ocean
The Lord of inner space
Blossoms through devotion
With the deepest wisdom gaze

End of Chapter 3