4. Devotion through Duty (Karma Bhakti)


Oh dear Radha, Now thing are becoming slowly clear. When one is immersed in devotion to the Lord, Is there any role of 'Karma' that is 'Duty'?

You have asked a very interesting question. The answer of this is in a very beautiful story. 

'Story' what story?. Even I am keen to hear the story. 

All of us are keen to hear the story.

Then listen. The name of the story is 'Karma Bhakti' i.e. Devotion through Duty. 

Song 1: ''Devotion through Duty'' (Karma Bhakti)


One day, all decked up
I trod alone on the jungle path
The way was lonely and forlorn
I walked ahead with a brave heart ||1||

Mine hands pretty bracelets wore,
Neck adorned with precious gold
Priceless ear-rings in my ears
Eye-liner made mine eyes bold ||2||

And so I walked with a million thoughts
Arrogant pride filled my heart
'Bout my beauty but just then
Ill - boding cat crossed my path ||3||

Instantly a dacoit leapt
Blocked my way with force and power
His voice full of cruel intent
Blood-red eyes made me cower ||4||

A massive stick was in his hand
A long knife hung on his hips
A shiver ran thro' my heart
Not a word escaped my lips ||5||

I was scared to death
How to flee was my concern
“Give me thine bracelets”
Quoth the dacoit in a voice stern ||6||

I resisted him strongly
He snatched my bracelets cruelly
And laughed an evil laughter
Which frightened me completely ||7||

But then he did the unexpected
Threw the bracelets of my choice
“Give me thine necklace, oh dear”
Said the dacoit in a roaring voice ||8||

I resisted him strongly
He snatched my necklace cruelly
And laughed an evil laughter
Which frightened me completely ||9||

But then he did the unexpected
Threw it in a way aimless
Thus he snatched all my ornaments
And threw them away in the darkness ||10||

The ornaments were my heart and soul
And so I cried copiously
Suddenly I heard him saying,
“Now give me your heart,

“Giveth thee thine heart to me
Or shall I stab thee?”
How can I give my heart indeed ?
I fell faint on my knee||12||

Then I remembered my dear Lord,
“Kanha, Kanha” were my fervent cries.
Strange enough the dacoit smiled
Sermonized thro’ mellowing eyes ||13 ||

He took crystal bracelets from his pouch
Put on my hands with a warm tone
“Wear not that which is untruth Oh! Dear,
Duty-bound hands beautify men and women||14||

Wear Ye! Necklace of the name of Lord
And earrings of devotion Radha , I pray
Keep the image of Lord in your heart
Then I’ll guard it in my own way||15||

This is the way of “Karma Bhakti
(Devotion through Duty), Oh! Radha
With which life’s journey happily Ye! can chart.”
Astonished was I to hear his wisdom
‘Face looks familiar, isn’t it?’
said my heart. ||16 ||

Who art thou? Who art thou?
I questioned him 
But he moved away without an answet
Just then his turban slipped, I saw
His curly hair wore the
Peacock feather ||17||

The mystery resolve, Lord's love blossomed 
I folded my hands and prayed to Him
"Kanha, Kanha",  please wait I called
"Kanha, Kanha", I uttered
as I woke up from my dreams ||18||


This is a very beautiful story , Radhaji. Very beautiful, here are so many angles of Devotion in this, now we have all understood that we should castaway the untruthful ornaments.   And wear jewellery of Devotion through Duty

Of course, that means Duty and Devotion go hand in hand, isn't it?
(the sakhis conclude with light laughter) 

End of Chapter 4