2. Character Presentation

Song 1: Introducing the dramatic personae

The joyous Cuckoo
Perches on the mango tree
She calls to her loving Lord
By singing “Pihu, Pihee”

Innocent peahen, ’Mayuriya
In bush near forest chute
Forgets her own empty (bodily) vessel
On hearing the Lord’s flute

On the banks of river ‘Jamuna
When the spring, ‘Basanti’, comes
Charm ‘Mohini’, of flowers ‘Fulvari
Showers branches with blossoms

Embroidery of dots of ‘Bindiya
Sparkle on the beautiful skirt
The stars in the sky aloft
Are woven by ‘Nisha,’ the night

This poetic riddle I've made
Can you solve, it hides indeed
Names of 'Gopis'*, my friends,
In whose love I'm steeped

*Gopis = Female cowherds


Radha: Oh! Mayuriya...... 
Mayuriya: I am coming......
Radha: Where are you all?

Where are you all?

*Sakhi: We are coming!

*Sakhi = Female Friends

End of Chapter 2