Chapter 6: Infinite Devotion (Anant Bhakti)


Dear Radha, When one talks of ‘Eternal Truth’,
Is this not connected with the ‘Cosmic Consciousness?’
Does this ‘infinite cosmic consciousness’ have any varied forms? 
Please explain to us.

Basanti, Come let us go to the ‘Madhuban’, Garden of divine ‘Raas’ dance The Lord ‘Kanha’ has come there. We will discuss this there.

Song 1 : Consciousness (Chetana)

Radha & Others:

The Lord Gopal has come to the garden
Sakhi, He is so gracious in the ‘Raas’ dance.

Stones picked from the Jamuna river bed
They are the ‘unmanifest consciousness’
By churning river flow
They express their bliss

Trees sway in the gust of wind
They are the ‘unvoiced consciousness’
By giving flowers and fruit.
They too express their bliss

We grope in stream of ‘ Truth’
We are the ‘manifest consciousness’
By truthful actions dear,
We too express our bliss.

The stars in the milky way,
They are pearls of 'cosmic consciousness’
Like torches in darkness
Show His eternal bliss.


Dear Radha, Now my heart is fill of peace. 
Slowly the experience of TRUTH is dawning on me. 
I feel as if I am a microcosm of the unknown, endless, infinite, consciousness. 

If we can unify with this cosmic consciousness then spiritual progress is sure. Isn't it?

This aspect of unifying is in itself a very significant transformation in life. 

Transformation? What kind of transformation?

The same kind of transformation, as occurs in the life of a newly wed bride. 

Radha dear! What do you mean?

Just like a newly wed bride, beautifies her forehead with 'Sindur', vermillion powder, and comes to the house of her beloved, 
In a somewhat similar manner, 
In Anant Bhakti (infinite Devotion)
The Sahsrar Kamal, symbolic of a thousand petalled lotus, of spiritual sublimation) blossoms in our crown. 
And like the newly wed tends to get pulled back to her mother's home by emotional ties, So also the devotee is held back by ego. 

So how is 'Anant Bhakti' finally achieved.

Would you like to learn about this?

Song 2: Reaching  the Beloved Lords' abode (Piya ka ghar)

Sakhi, I have arrived at my beloved's house

I've beautified my fore-head with vermillion
For  the thousand petalled lotus is unfurled
Giving me a vision of my beloved
Then why should I be shy of the world

The bride falters at the house of her mother
Ego restrain my steps to the shrine
So at last I am taking leave of myself
To unify with my 'beloved divine'

End  of Chapter 6

And so ends Radha's Devotional Anthology
Aum Shanti ! Shanti ! Shanti !
(Aum Peace Peace Peace)