Radha Bhakti Sudha English_INDEX


RADHA BHAKTI SUDHA, RBS i.e. Radha’s Devotional Anthology

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Song 1. Introduction

Chapter 2 :Character Presentation
Song 1: Introducing the dramatic personae

Chapter 3 :Devotional Harmony in togetherness (Sat-sang Bhakti)
Song 1: Devotional harmony together, 2 : The Lord in inner space (Antarang mein prabhuvar)

Chapter 4 :Devotion through Duty (Karma Bhakti)
Song 1: ''Devotion through Duty'' (Karma Bhakti)

Chapter 5: Devotion through Love( Hari Bhakti)
Song 1 : Swing (Jhula), 2 : I will search for Him (Dhundoongi mein), 3: The divine notes of Lord's flute (Kanha ki bansi)

Chapter 6: Infinite Devotion (Anant Bhakti)
Song 1 : Consciousness (Chetana), 2: Reaching  the Beloved Lords' abode (Piya ka ghar)