Mahalaxmi Mukti Samwad : Background

Divine Blessing of Mother Mahalaxmi
Spritual Grace of Satguru Shri Chile Maharaj ,Paijarwadi, Dt.Kolhapur

Inspiration :            Satguru Shri Thakur Maharaj, Pune 
Guidance :               Satguru (Mrs) Rajanitai Balasaheb Kulkarni , Pune 

Humble Author :     Dr.Pradeep Wagh    English, Marathi,Hindi
Book Dedicated to : Author's Mother Mrs. Vatsala Babanrao Wagh 

Sanskrit  :                 Dr. Abhiraj Rajendra Mishra, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi. 
Gujarati :                  Dr. Avanish Thanawala, Pune


i.e. Mahalaxmi’s Dialogues of Salvation


The MMS anthology is based on deep spiritual experiences  received as divine guidance from Satguru Datta Chile Maharaj,of Paijarvadi,Kolhapur.

Chile Maharaj was a divine soul who elevated thousands of devotees from material to spiritual level.

The author of this anthology Dr. Pradeep Wagh  was one such humble recipient. MMS then is the original work of author and lyricist Dr. Pradeep Babanrao Wagh based on these extraordinary revelations. Originally written in Marathi, MMS is also translated into Sanskrit, Hindi & English.

The anthology is set in dramatised form. Bhakt (devotee) Triguna has performed the ghatsthapana (installation of Mahalaxmi Devi’s symbolic pot of water with a coconut on it) with a pure heart on ashwin shudh partipada( first day of the month of ashwin) .She has set up also a decoration comprising a statue of Mahalaxmi along with statues of her Yoginis (ascetic friends).  Triguna invites her sakhis ( friends)  for puja and bhajans. The sakhis ask the devout   Triguna a number of questions about bhakti ; She answers them  well. But Triguna herself has got many questions in her mind related to spirituality.


What is the easiest way of God realisation ?

What is  Jeevanpravah, the milestones of life ?

What is difference between Vijnyan, Science and Aatmajnyaan,  Spirituality ?

Where is the Sukhdhaam, Abode of Bliss ?

What is Naadbrahma, the Sound Divine ?        

What is  Aatmapravas, sojourn of soul ?

 How does one realise ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ ,I am Brahma, in which the individual self dissolves inseparably into Brahma, the infinite form of God.


Triguna  express to her friends about her search for these truths and wonders who will answer these questions. 

Thereafter the sakhis leave and Triguna sleeps at the feet of the goddess.

Goddess Mahalaxmi and the Yoginis  emerges from their respective statues and mysteriously the yoginis seems to have  the same questions of spirituality that Triguna seems to have.  Mahalaxmi answers all these questions in beautiful songs and dance sequences. 

These then are the songs divine  that form the part of the Mahalaxmi Mukti Samvad  anthology .

Selective songs from the anthology have been composed into the music album . The same have been linked through the narrative conversations of  of Mahalaxmi and the Yoginis into the Nritya Natika. 

The Book

This anthology comprises of 9 pushpmalas i.e. chapters. analogous  to the 9 auspicious day of navratri.  The anthology is in the form of a printed book of 108 pages. 


MMS is rendered into Musical forms , based on selective songs extracted from these nine pushpamalas of the anthology in Marathi, as follows:

1. MMS songs music album, audio CD      16 tracks       duration 62mts

2. MMS Nritya Natika, dance drama  comprising linking narrations  and songs from above music album:

CD1 Pushpamala 1 to 6        23 tracks     duration 52 mts 23 sec

CD2 Pushpamala 7  to 9       21 tracks     duration 47 mts 42 sec


The Musical Renditions are set to mellifluous music by the renowned music director Uday Deshpande. Uday is credited with a number of award winning musical albums . He has also given music to a Hindi Film : The Camp which saw successful release at the box office in summer of 2010.


The MMS musicals are sung by the famous singer Sadhana Sargam (Ghanekar) ,She is one of the recipients of the prestigious National Awards.

Sadhana Sargam sings in many Indian languages for films, tele-serials and music albums. She is well known for her 90's Hindi songs and the recent south Indian songs. She is also a trained Hindustani classical singer. She was trained in Indian classical music by her mother, Mrs. Neelatai Ghanekar at an early age, and then by Pandit Jasraj.

Sadhana is ably supported in the album by

Dhrupad Singer     Mohan Darekar

Other singers:        Sonali Patel and chorus singers.


Recorded by:                     Nitin Joshi and Jaidev Terphale

Mixed and Mastered by:    Nitin Joshi ,at Studio Sound Idez,Pune

Nitin Joshi is winner of Awards for his works.


Music Arrangement is by well know Mr.Kedar Paranjape.


Sitar  :                                              Harishankar Shukla

Flute  :                                             Sandip Kulkarni

Vibraphone  and  Rhythm guitar :   Jnyanesh Deo

Tabla, Pakhawaz & percussions :   Prasad  Joshi , Kedar More

Sarod  :                                           Sarang Kulkarni


Sublime Guidance : 

    Mr. Shivramkrishnan Sharma , Ramki ji , USA 

    Brig.P.V.Gole (Retd.) , AVSM, Founder Chairman, DEIS

    Dr.S.P.Mishra, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Devsanskruti Vishvavidyalaya, Haridwar.

Help in writing of Book:

    Poet Vasant P. Ketkar, Dr.Asha Gurjar, 

Spiritual Support : Mrs. Netra Pradeep Wagh

Data Entry : Mrs. Mayura Joshi , N.S.Patankar, Mukhtar , Dhiraj     


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