Pushpamala 9: I am Brahma.


Now I have understood this thing. In all the living things,  there is but one soul, and like a pilgrim goes from one pilgrimage centre to the other. So also the soul is on an eternal journey of the spirit.


Mother if someone wants to know about the'Brahma' form of the soul , when and how can he come to know about it?


Well it is like this. When someone goes on a pilgrimage to Pandharpur, where there is this statue of Lord Panduranga , and when one sees the statue, the true pilgrim realises that it is not just a small statue, but a representation of the infinite God. Something similar could happen at the end of the journey of the living life on earth.

Song 1 : I am Brahma1

When I looked at you with humility
Oh! Lord Panduranga 2
I realized that though your statue is dark and small
You represent the infinite 'Brahma' . ||1||

The pilgrim's journey to your temple is arduous,
But it has a sweet end
My heart blossoms with joy
Realizing this place is 'Jagrut' 3 (blessed) ||2||

So also, life's journey is worthy
Say the saints and I realize in the end
I myself am a living manifestation of the infinite 'Brahma' God. ||3||

Song 2 : Treasure of Knowledge.

Remember the sweet name of Lord Vitthala
But also remember his disciples,
For their feet are the foot-path
Where you will find knowledge ample.

1. Aham Brahmasmi : highest of states of 'I am Brahma' in which the individual self dissolves inseperably in Brahma
2. Panduranga : Diety at Pandharpur, called as Panduranga or Vitthala.
3. Jagrut : a blessed place.

Song 3 : With Folded Hands

With folded hands,
And a mellifluous voice
Take the name of the Lord,
With heartfelt devotion say
Pandurang Hari , Pandurang Hari.

Song 4 : Everything is done by Lord Panduranga.

Everything is done by Lord Panduranga
We are only an instrument,
The ascetic says always
Yearn for name of the Lord.
Vitthal, Vitthal, hail to his devotees represented by


As mothers who give birth to children, women folk can also get experience of 'Aham Brahmasmi', viz I am the creator.


How is that?


The inklings of the child are in the mother's heart.

Song 5 : The harmony of nature

O! Sakhi,
The harmony of nature
Is blossoming
In my womb. ||1||

With the inkling
Of the new 'life'
A sense of anxiety
Engulfs my heart. ||2||

The labour pains
Are witness
Child birth is difficult
Then alone does a new light descend . ||3||

For when I immerse myself
In this Rhythm of creation,
Then do I realize
That I myself am 'Mother Nature'. ||4||

Now I am very anxious to see this soul who is himself 'Brahmaroop', in the form of the creator.


Then come! Let us get introduced to the soul of my devotee 'Triguna' itself.

All Yoginis together:

Wow, that is excellent! We are all keen to get this mystical introduction.

(Goddess Mahalaxmi raises her right palm in blessing towards devotee Triguna, who is sleeping, and the SOUL of Triguna comes out of her body in astral form, and yet remains connected to her. One or two Yoginis squeal in awe and take shelter behind a pillar in a reflexive reaction to the mystical appearance of the soul. Goddess Mahalaxmi offers her own lotus seat to the SOUL to stand and everybody greets the soul with folded hand)

Song 6 : Know Ye! my heart.
(Yogini's invocation to the soul)

Know Ye! my heart.
Your divine soul.
The golden moment has come
My consciousness is sublime. ||1||

The flute of Lord Gopala 1
Keep in heart its vibration
The time has come
For fruit of your devotion. ||2||

Song 7 : Introduction of the SOUL

I am 'Atma' the SOUL
A microcosm of Brahma,
Where shall I get an abode
I searched in the Cosmos . ||1||

I am a traveler
Of light-years a million
I've seen Cosmos astounding
Created by Brahman.||2||

In that infinite universe
The galaxies form ornaments
Countless stars in all directions
Of inexhaustible effulgence. ||3||

Invisible strings tie them delicately
Balancing space and time
Its origin is untraceable
None understands its rhyme. ||4||

Spiral, disc, countless shapes
Are there for billion stars,
Why is there destruction then
In dark holes leaving scars . ||5||

I entered the Milky Way
Saw family of nine sisters,
Father Sun is caring for all
Uttering always Omkar. ||6||

This is the temple of the Lord
Nine planets are like pillars
Lord sun resides in sanctum 1
Moon is its chandelier . ||7||

Lord 'Surya' 2, I salute you,
Bless me oh! 'Diwakar' 3,
Gift me the light of knowledge,
Oh all effulgent 'Namaskar' 4 .||8||

I crossed Saturn, Jupiter, Mars
Came near the Moon
Saw a divine Vision
That came into view. ||9||

Who is this beautiful mother
Whose garments are azure blue
Her blouse is of greenery
Ornaments of clouds anew. ||10||

Oh! This is Mother Earth,
My own home and abode,
The shelter to all living creatures,
I will find here harbour. ||11||

Now my only wish is
To do duty ,be devoted
Mother Earth should never be distressed
This will be my spiritual deed. ||12||

1. Sanctum : Latin term meaning holy site. Sanctum
sanctorum refers to the “garbha griha” in Hinduism, meaning the shrine inside a temple complex where the main deity is
2. Surya : Sun
3. Diwakar : Sun as maker of the day.
4. Namaskar : salutation signifying “The light within me
honors the light within you.”

(Note: While verse 7 and 8 are going on, there is in the
background the utterance of 12 names of Sun-God that are
supposed to resurrect the life force.:

Aumm Mitraya Namah;
Aumm Ravaye Namah;
Aumm Suryay Namah;
Aumm Bhanave Namah;
Aumm Khagay Namah;
Aumm Pushnave Namah;
Aumm Hiranyagarbhay Namah;
Aumm Marichaye Namah;
Aumm Adityay Namah;
Aumm Savitrey Namah;
Aumm Arkay Namah;
Aumm Bhaskaray Namah.)

(All Yoginis are spell-bound to hear this introduction of the
Soul, and they salute her with great respect.)


Mother Mahalaxmi by hearing this introduction of the soul, we feel as if our third eye of knowledge has opened, and that we have come to know a small bit about the mystical creation. But one question remains about the soul, which is about its deep, silent, peaceful visage;The look of innocence, it has; Purity it is radiating, and yet it is looking like a King unto itself. Where did the soul get all these qualities?


Oh! Vama, this is the fruit of the journey of the soul, when it traverses through various species. When, it performs the deeds and duties suitable to the species, the SOUL's manifestation develops accordingly. The innocence and purity of infants, the sovereign look of a mother lioness, the peaceful nature of the strong species like elephants and so on. Taking these 'Valaya', embellishments of several births, the SOUL finally achieves the most evolved birth , that of a human .


But then in the human birth, is there any other aspect of spiritual development still left out?


For this, we will have two revise all that we discussed
in today's discussions. But in short:

In the human birth
When one adds devotion,
Then the soul,
Shall realise it's form,
 Close to that of God

(While this dialogue is going on,Triguna appears to have got up lightly from her sleep. As soon as the Yoginis see this they start running helter-skelter)

All Yoginis (speaking all together in a confused manner)

Oh dear, the devotee Triguna is coming out of her sleep. Run run. Let us go back to our places and become statues. It should not be known to Triguna that we had held a meeting here and discussed lot of mystical questions


But where shall I take my place? Because in my lotus seat, the soul of Triguna is still dancing in a trance. Oh! Forget it. I would rather hide in the heart of my devotee Triguna.

(Mother Mahalaxmi, then places her hand affectionately, on the forehead of Triguna, and goes and hides in her heart. With the light touch, Triguna's eye's open a bit and and she looks at the lotus seat. There instead of the expected statue of Mahalaxmi, she sees an astral form. Her eyes open with amazement and she gets up looking at that astral form, and suddenly her entire body is filled with goose pimples. There is a light musical sound in the background)

Triguna (to herself) :

God bless me, God bless me! This astral form is none other than my own mirror image. But then this astral form has an expression on her face and look in her eyes, which is so different from my own? She is very peaceful , and appears as if she has been performing penance for last thousands of years. She has a look of innocence and asceticism and yet she looks to be in complete command like a king ; but what is this,she is looking at me with affection, and yet looks at my body in a desireless fashion like an on-looker. Oh dear, this is my own 'Brahmaswaroop Atma', SOUL as an incarnation of Lord Brahma himself . But what is this, suddenly my SOUL is transforming and….
Oh! Dear… this new form … it is of my dear Mother Mahalaxmi????

(While thinking like this, Triguna rubs her eyes and becomes wide awake and looks hard at the lotus seat. She finds that the soul itself has transformed into the statue of Mahalaxmi. Overcome with a devotional tremor, Triguna starts pronouncing the name of Mahalaxmi, repeatedly and
falls at the feet of the statue)

(While thinking like this, Triguna rubs her eyes and becomes wide awake and looks hard at the lotus seat. She finds that soul has only transformed into the statue of Mahalaxmi. Overcome with a devotional tremor, Triguna starts pronouncing the name of Mahalaxmi, repeatedly and falls at the feet of the statue)

Shri Mahalaxmey namah, Shri Mahalaxmey namah,… 
Hail Mother Mahalaxmi..

(Devotee Triguna is lying prostate in front of Mahalaxmi and uttering this chant continuously. Miraculously, the pot that Mahalaxmi is holding in her hand tips forward and golden blossoms start pouring from it. Outside, the dawn is breaking and birds have started chirping. The Sun-God has appeared over the horizon on the east in a pleasing fashion. There is a musical sound in the environment.At this time the friends of Triguna have returned in the morning with flowers and articles of worship, to perform the morning ' puja'. When they step into the room, they see that the statue of Mahalaxmi and all other Yoginis are in place, just as they had left them last evening, except for the fact that from the pot in the hands of Mahalaxmi golden blossoms have showered.)

Sakhi,lady friend:

Oh dear, what is this miracle? There is a shower of golden blossoms from the pot in the hands of Mahalaxmi?
(Triguna folds her hands and looks at all with tears in her eyes.)


I just cannot understand this miracle? Triguna please tell what happened?

Triguna: (thinking seriously):

You remember? Yesterday evening, after the 'Arati', we were observing that if we wait for some more time, these statues might become alive and talk with us!


Yes I remember, but then what happened?


Well, I became sleepy, and …….

All Sakhis':

And  ???


And Mahalaxmi bestowed her grace on me! And as if to say, the most merciful mother herself seemed to answer all the deep mystical questions, I had been harbouring in my heart, all these days. I feel so blessed! So blessed! So blessed!

Song 8 : Mahalaxmi Has Blessed Me

Mahalaxmi has blessed me. !!!

Such a thing has never happened,
A group of goddesses incarnated.
They played games, and discussed
The most wondrous things animated . ||1||

'Paativratya' is valued by God
Yoga and meditation are wholesome
A clean spiritual garment
Is the gift with which we've come. ||2||

Life is a poetry
Like a lotus let's win ourselves over,
Our heart is God's abode 
Says the smiling creator. ||3||

Apply Haldi - Kumkum
Offer nine devotional blossoms. 
The divine vibrations echo
Bestowing mystic hymns. ||4||

There is no birth nor death
Soul is like a 'Tapasvi1'
She is a travelling pilfrim
Realising 'Aham
Brahmasmi' ||5||

1. Tapasvi: One who has achieved spiritual enlightment through a focused effort. 

All Sakhis:
(saluting Triguna)

Triguna, you are really blessed. Your 'Bhakti' devotion has fructified. You seem to have gone into some kind of 'Yog - Nidra', meditative trance, and seen this scene of discussions between Mahalaxmi and her Yoginis. 


And yes .. I got a special miraculous experience.!


Miraculous experience? What experience?


Early in the morning today when my eyes open, and I looked towards the lotus seat of Mahalaxmi, there instead of Mahalaxmi, I found in astral form. I looked at it with amazement and sat up. There seemed to be a soft music in the air, and then my whole body was filled with goose pimples when I noticed that that astral form was none other than my own image ,my own soul.

Song 9 : On seeing one's own SOUL

O! Sakhi, Lord Krishna's divine flute plays
Filling me with divine vibrations
That bring forth a 'Jagruti' 1 of my SOUL.
What characteristics define the soul ?
What consciousness animates it. ?

She is 'NIRMAL' 3
She is 'NIRAGAS' 4
She is 'BAIRAGI' 5
And yet a King of Kings.
The SOUL is full of unconditional LOVE
She is 'PRASHANT' 6
And importantly
The SOUL looks upon my body it resides in 
With a far off detached composure.

1. Jagruti : Awakening
2. Nirguna : Master over the three GUNAS viz. 'Sattvic' (pure
and subtle); 'Rajasic' (worldly); 'Tamasic' (Gross)
qualities and yet not engulfed or over-powered bythem.
3. Nirmal : purest of pure
4. Niragas : has authority of innocence
5. Bairagi : mendicant traveler.
6. Prashant : immensely peaceful like the Pacific Ocean

All Sakhis (fold hands and greet Triguna together) :

Triguna , this is indeed the fruit of your 'Bhakti', devotion.

Yes indeed! I am feeling blessed.! I am feeling blessed!
Come let us perform the morning 'Arati', worship.


O! God Thou art effulgent
We are but a small lamp ,
We perform this hymn, offering our LOVE.
We offer the Nav-Bhakti (nine forms of Devotion)
With flowers at the Lotus feet of divine Mother.
We sow the seeds of Sat-karma (Good Deeds)
And call to our Divine Mother,
The incense of 'Jnyana' knowledge we get is amazing, 
Indeed Divine Mother looks so beautiful with
her consort Lord Vitthala.
I am now immersed in remembering the name of the Lord
And I have lost my own self in it.
The divine inspiration I am getting is like that
of the holy Ganges
It takes me to meet and unite with my own
'NIRGUNA'(formless) form.

Song 11 : Ode in praise of Mahalaxmi

Adishakti (timeless energy) Mahalaxmi
Neither past nor present limit thee
The atoms and particles are but your forms,
You are really 'Shakti-swaroopini'1 the most powerful. |||1||

Your actions are divine , Your form is divine
You are the incarnation of mercy and peace.
You have the effulgence of a thousand suns
Even time dissolves in you eventually. ||2||

We perform the most exalted 'Puja'2 for you,
You can bless us with ascetic virtue,
You are the care giver of all,
You reside in all living beings true. ||3||

One may worship you steadfast
In any form that one loves
You always reside in the devotee's heart,
Oh! Mother Mahalaxmi bless us. ||4||

1. Shakti-Swaroopini : The most powerful female form
2. Puja : worship

And so ends Pushpamala 9
And so Ends Mahalaxmi Mukti Samwad
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih