Pushpamala 8: Soul the traveler

(When the scene opens Mother Mahalaxmi is seated happily in her lotus seat. The other Yoginis are scurrying around in a confused state of mind, with a questioning expression on their face as suddenly from outside there is the sound of elephants trumpeting, and also the sound of their feet dancing.)


Mother Mahalaxmi! What is this sound of celebration? I think there is a gathering of elephants over there.


Please, open your own third eye of divine vision and see for yourself what is the reason of joy and festivity in the gathering of elephants.

(All Yoginis close their eyes, and fold their hands. They see a scene in which there is a gathering of elephants, both male and female, along with their calves. The elephants are feeding joyously along with their calves, and trumpeting
in happiness.)


Oh I see! so the elephant family is celebrating the birth of their newborn calves and this is the trumpeting for it!


Is such happiness there in other species also?


Why don't you see for yourself!

(The scene changes and one lioness is seen mothering her cubs with great affection and happiness. Some of the cubs are also playing and causing mischief to each other. The lioness is sometimes grunting contentedly. In another scene
Other species of animals are also seen mothering their little ones.)


This means that, just as the birth of a child is celebrated joyously in the human society, similarly, there is joy of a new birth in other species, also !


But mother Laxmi! Does the newborn, ignorant calf know anything or have any feelings about this?


Yes,dear Chitrini. And these feelings are connected with the journey of the soul.

All Yoginis (together)

Journey of the soul? What does that precisely mean?


Song 1: Journey of the soul

What say you? What say you?
I say so , I say so!

The fetus in mother's womb,
Grows in its own environ
The sky and all elements
Are fulfilled therein. ||1||

When gestation is over,
The fetus is filled with scare
Is this the end of my journey
Of a new birth its not aware. ||2||

In the womb of mother earth
Like her embryos we breed
The five elemental environ
Fulfills all our need. ||3||

Take Ye! morsel of 'Sat-Karma' 1
For good God always yearn
Then there'll be no death
Only a spiritual sojourn. ||4||


Yes, now we have understood that just as the fetus in the mother's womb ,gets empowered to take birth in this world and achieves a new milestone in his spiritual journey, similarly the living human being on this earth , through 'Sat-Karma' and 'remembering God', achieves a higher milestone of spiritual development. But then how does the link between man and God remain intact?

1. Sat-Karma : Good-deeds; correct actions


The fetus and its mother
Are joined by umbilical chord,
So also a chord of 'Praana-Shakti'1
Binds the living and Mother God.

1. Praana-Shakti' : divine life giving energy

Infact the relationship of 'Atma' and 'Parmatma' , the SOUL and GOD is as gentle as the relation of a couple in love. In this relationship there is pure love, affection, also misunderstandings and yet care and sacrifice. And like the love of a couple , if true, keeps increasing day by day without others necessarily getting to know about it, similarly the yearning between SOUL and GOD keeps increasing day by day. The love between SOUL and GOD is as pure as the sacred river Ganges.


But then, how does one get to realise one's soul?


Oh! Ulka , this knowledge comes only through the blessings of a Sat-Guru, Great Spiritual Master.


Blessings of the Great spiritual Master? What does that mean.?


One can get Spiritual knowledge by following the teachings of Lord Guru Dattatreya, Lord Sri Krishna, and other such respectable Great Spiritual Masters. The knowledge can also be gained by the guidance of self-realised souls like Sri Swami Samarth, Sri Guru Datta Chile Maharaj and such others.

Song 2 : Realising one's soul

The traveller in a guesthouse.
Resides for just few days,
He mentions his identity.
By the room number he lives. ||1||

But when his friends arrive.
He greets them all well.
And engages in discussions.
Refers himself by name real. ||2||

Life is but of few days.
Our given name we extol
But when the Guru blesses us
We realise our own soul. ||3||

Song 3 : Ways of 'Atma-Siddhi'1

Several human beings
Live in the womb of nature
Art, Meditation, science,
Pious Knowledge in all respects
Are various ways of
Proving ones spiritual stature .


In this journey of the soul, how can one get progress in the right direction?


Journey of the soul is like a pilgrimage. Like a pilgrim puts the name of his destination on his luggage, so that it arrives safely, similarly, in the journey of the soul, one has to put the symbols of God.

1. Atma-siddhi : spiritual stature

Song 4 : Pilgrimage vis-a- vis Spiritual Voyage

For a long pilgrimage
I have packed my bags, packed my bags

On them I have put the destination as
'To the feet of the Lord'
I have taken along victuals
Of 'Satya-Karma'1 . ||1||

I have with me 'Haldi-Kumkum'2
Of Faith and Devotion
And then shall my soul enjoy
The bliss of a 'SPIRITUAL EXPEDITION '. ||2||

1. Satya-Karma : Right Action
2. Haldi-Kumkum : Turmeric and Vermillion

Song 5 : Future journey

On the ocean of the soul's journey.
I search for musk of knowledge.
When I reach the shores of planet Earth
A ray of hope arises .

When the boat comes into the port.
The boats-men load the freighter
If one performs 'Satya-Karma'
The soul's future journey is better.

Song 6 : God's tear of love

The expanse of nature.
Is like loving God's tear
We're like small Pathfinders.
How shall we the ocean steer? ||1||

The all pervading God
Is indeed the master of the cosmos
But the mount of knowledge is Satguru
Who gives divine knowledge to reach the shore. ||2||

Song 7 : Proximity

Peacefully flows the river
Betwixt the banks endless
The wind plays over
And cools in the process. ||1||

Mendicant's devotees, Travelers
They come to these banks
Cool wind touches them.
And pacifies the mendicant. ||2||

Saints sages like God's messengers
Founts of knowledge awesome
When devotees come in proximity.
Their knowledge too will blossom. ||3||


Song 8 : The Ashes

From ashes you have risen.
Into ashes you'll erase
Betwixt is the living life
Purely by God's grace. ||1||

May your good deeds multiply
May you get wisdom
Know that real progress
Comes only with devotion. ||2||

But mother Lakshmi, the soul is passing through so many bodies. Then, does its property also change?


Song 9 : Flame of the SOUL

The flame of camphor, and the flame of the oil-wick lamp
May appear different
But their basic properties are the same.
Similarly, the soul in everyone's body is of the same basic property.
Only it has different body forms.
In short, the soul is the same in everybody.
But in the case of some people,
They realise God and unify with Him.

Soul is the same in everybody.
Some realise God and unify with him.
But that does not mean that they should look down upon others.
Oh, wooden body.
Why do you behave arrogantly?
For I alone am your life-giving force.
Pure and divine.


But mother Mahalaxmi, in this journey of the soul, are there also other places other than the planet

Yes, Chitrini, just as there are various pilgrimage
centres for a pilgrim, which he visits and feels
sanctified, so also in the journey of the soul, planet
Earth is one of the pilgrimage centres.

Song 10 : Different galaxies

The living creation exists.
In different unknown galaxies.
With form based on the soul's progress
It has duty-bound liabilities. ||1||

Planet Earth is one pilgrimage centre
So also are many other creations.
Progress of the soul is achieved
Through duty and devotion . ||2||

 Yes, but what is there beyond the human living life. ? Is there some way to know about it?


Song 11 :The Shore Beyond

What is indeed there
At the shore beyond?
In this conjecture and imagination
The boat of life tugs along. ||1||

For the person who chants 'Mantra'1
“LORD RAMA” with humility
His boat shall be gifted with the sail
Of Courage and Stability. ||2||

One who knows importance
Of being Duty bound
He alone shall find progress
Beyond the shore profound. ||3||

1. Mantra : chant

Song 12 :The Pristine-World.

One who gets a dream.
He sees the dream-world.
Can any living friends go there
Or even his own household. ||1||

When body is tired.
Blood is rendered impure
Surrender to sleep
Makes you fresh and sure. ||2||

Soul's journey of several births
Gives fatigue in some ways.
Out of ignorance it's illuded
With mortal life's sway. ||3||

One who performs egoless duty
Has devotional 'Punyayi'1
He sublimates into Pristine-World
This journey too is lonely. ||4||

There he shall get through
The company of holy souls
He shall be resurrected
In that Pristine-world. ||5||

1. Punyayi : accumulation of good actions.

Song 13 :The Grand Form of Mahalaxmi

All the living creatures emanate from me
In the end, they resolve back into me
All knowledge emanates, but from me
and it extinguishes in me. ||1||

The infinite past, the present and the future.
Are known, but only to me.
As I am the progenitor of all.
I am the primordial mother of the universe. ||2||

And so ends Pushpamala 8
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih