Pushpamala 7: The Sound Divine

(When the scene opens all the Yoginis are sitting around Mahalaxmi, eager to hear her)


Mother Laxmi, what is 'Naad-Brahma'?


Oh! Vama, when our heart is completely at peace and is completely unified with God's divine truth, that time, the feeling of divine bliss, may take the form off mellifluous musical, 'Naad Brahma' or the sound divine .


Then is this form of 'Naad Brahma' the same for


No, 'Naad Brahma' may manifest to each person as per his past background, time of day or night etc.


But 'Naad' is without form or shape, then how can it
be experienced and understood?


Yes, it's true that 'Naad Brahma' is personal. But sometimes as a support to the 'Naad Brahma', some words may also come along with it, and just as the taste of any food morsel in a person's mouth can be experienced only by that person, so is the case of 'Naad Brahma'. Its bliss can be experienced only by that particular person, as
per his own beliefs.


What will happen if the gift of 'Naad Brahma' is given to other devotees?


If one gives the words of 'Naad Brahma' to other
faithfuls, then it is possible that in their own time of peace at heart, and continuous remembrance of God, they too may find these words useful as seed words of 'Naad Brahma'.

Song 1:  Seed words for 'Naad Brahma'1

Oh my heart, remember the Lord
For by that you shall get bliss.

Ensconce the holy imprint of Lord's feet
In your kind bosom,
The 'Rang' 2 of 'Shyam' 3
Is in the primordial word 'Ommm'4 . ||1||

Oh ! my heart , why are you acting as my enemy
And separating me from my Lord,
Don't you know that Sages, Saints, Gurus
Have all said but this. ||2||

Oh my heart, remember the Lord
For by that you shall get bliss

1. Naad-Brahma : The divine sound/vibration emanating from Brahma , the Guru and God that attunes one to spirituality
1. Rang: here it connotes ‘divine colourful vibration’
2. Shyam : Lord Krishna
3. Om : the mystical and sacred syllable in the Indian religions.


Oh! I see, does to sound vibrations?

(looks at Yoginis with a questioning glance that) Will someone answer that?


I feel that 'Naad Brahma' means any type of divine
vibration that leads to positive inspiration.

All Yoginis together:

And of course, this leads to ultimate happiness and bliss.


This means that 'Naad Brahma' is a carrier for experiencing God! But then, where exactly is the place of God?


Pure consciousness , Ulka!


What does that mean?


Song 2:  Characters in a dream.

The characters in a dream,
With no reason or rhyme
Strangers or friends,
They come anytime. ||1||

The work of inner mind
With no logic to govern
It is play indeed
Of unknown sensory organs . ||2||

Beyond all this is the place
For consciousness pristine,
Where God is the revelation
Through loving devotion. ||3||


Oh! Mother Mahalaxmi, thank you for telling this in such a simple fashion.


I have a question. The person who attains such pristine consciousness and revelation of God, does he also obtain some special powers?


Song 3:  Holy hymns of the heart.

Ruk, Yajur, Sam, Atharv,1
Are Vedas of knowledge divine ,
God in mind and thoughts pristine
Lead one to 'Mano-Ved'2 hymn.


Oh! I see, I feel that when our heart is completely at peace and it is completely unified with God's divine truth, that time whatever one utters, that has the quality of being a fountain of Veda-Vedanta,hymns divine.

Yes, and whatever are the divine instructions and revelations received by one, one should contemplate on them . Then it will be easy to comprehend them.

1. Ruk, Yajur, Sam, Atharv, : Names of the four Vedas
2. Mano-Ved :The holy hymns of one's own heart.
Ex. Reference: www.sita-radha-laxmi.org  


Then shall we together pray for the complete peace of heart of all?


Pray? What prayer?


Chitrini! For peace of the five elements?

All Yoginis:

Peace of the five elements? How and why?

Because 'Jeevatma', the soul of life , resides in a
body made up of the five elements viz
'Vayu', AIR;
'Tej', FIRE;
'Aap', WATER;
'Prithvi' ,EARTH;
'Akash', SPACE.
The 'Praanic Shakti', Energy of life, is enlivened by the
process of respiration. Hence it is important to pray for the peace of AIR element.
The process of digestion and nutrition is sustained by
'Jathar-agni' the DIGESTIVE-FIRE, hence it is important
to pray for the peace of FIRE element.
(All Yoginis fold their hands, close their eyes and say this

Song 4:  Peace Prayer.

Aumm Vayu Shantih
May there be peace in the AIR

Aumm Agnih Shantih
May there be peace in the FIRE

Aumm Aap Shantih
May there be peace in the WATER

Aumm Prithvi Shantih
May there be peace in the EARTH

Aumm Antariksh Shantih
May there be peace in the SPACE.

Omm Shantih Shanthih Shantih
Omm peace, peace, peace.

Song 5:  Meditation of Camphor

I offer salutation to the Lord
And tell you my dear ones.
What is camphor meditation
For purifying one's consciousness. ||1||

Take Ye! camphor in a small vessel.
Fill your heart with devotion.
Worship mother goddess with lighted camphor
With your complete attention. ||2||

The light, so blessed by the goddess.
Hold in front of your eyes
With a feeling of surrender to Him.
Observe keenly as God manifest. ||3||

Sights firmly on the camphor flame,
Visualise the formless form 
Feel the warmth on your visage
And utters the mantra of Ommm . ||4||

Turn your mind inwards then.
Repeatedly say Omkar
Your heart will become peaceful
This sublime Mantra as you savour. |5||

This then is camphor meditation.
It gives peace, purity ,wisdom
You shall then reside by God
For all times to come. ||6||

And so ends Pushpamala 7
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih