Pushpamala 5: Science & Spirituality

(When the scene starts all the Yoginis are sitting in their respective places in a posture of meditation. They utter Ommm three times, and then slowly open their eyes. They then look at each other happily.)


Mother Mahalaxmi, what is the importance of 'Pranayama' ?


Song 1: Morsel of 'Pranayama' , Breath-Control.

'Satvic', ambrosial food
Gives good physical health
For the well-being of soul.
Food is breath control. ||1||

We pick and choose clean food
Eat for a good body,
The morsel of 'Pranayama'
Gives mind that is happy. ||2||


Truly, 'Pranayama' results in a happy mind. But my mind is puzzled by a different problem. The intelligent human being has by his nature of curiosity, invented many scientific inventions. But has this also given him 'Atma-Jnyan', spiritual knowledge?


Song 2: Science & Spirituality

The limit of man's knowledge.
At a particular time
about the operation of nature.
Is called as science . ||1||

But that which is personal
Which has no limitation of time.
Which is infinite
That limitless knowledge is referred to
as 'Atma-Jnyana', spiritual knowledge. ||2||

The manifestations of science.
Are widely well discussed
While that of 'Atma-Jnyana' are limited to one's own self
Then how can there be research papers for this? ||3||

However, with a good conscience
some part of spiritual knowledge.
If put into practice
It may become manifest.
In different forms.
Like river 'Bhagirithi'. ||4||

Forms like new divine music
Transcribing of poems of 'Para-Vani' , heavenly voices,
Resolving complex problems.
Creative project implementation.
And unimaginable experiences. ||5||

The person who uses his spiritual knowledge.
For useful practical purposes.
To achieve the good of mankind.
He will be eligible for divine grace.
For sure know this. ||6||


Then how does one compare the study of science vis-a-vis the study of spirituality?


Song 3: Comparative study of Science and Spirituality

Some will study science,
Some will study spirituality
What is the form of both of them?
What is their specialty? ||1||

Science studies materialistic expanse.
Perceived by the five senses
Spirituality perceives the 'Anaahat Prakash ' ,
Effulgence beyond human limits of perception.
Through 'Dhyan', Focus on the Lord
and 'Samadhi', Silence of Meditation. ||2||

One studies, the lives of the living life,
The other studies, phenomena beyond living life
One looks at energy of fire, sound,
With 'Pranayama' the 'Pranic Shakti' ,
Energy that Enlivens the material body is 
invoked. ||3||

For good health of the body,
one takes physical exercise.
For spirituality one needs 'Yogasanas'
Science of Astronomy studies the Milky Way.
Spiritual introspection leads
to realisation of God in one's heart. ||4||


Mother Laxmi, this expatiation of the subject has made us feel blessed.

But remember.
Whatever knowledge, you have heard.
First, you must imbibe it and bring it into practice.
And then only think of teaching it to others.
With due modesty, Whatever you have got
Know that its value is eternal.
But if you have not got some things in life,
do not be greedy for it,
do not grieve over it.
Only then what you have got
will remain with you.


It appears that science can be understood quickly,
while spirituality is a bit beyond human ken. Then, can one use science, to understand spirituality?


Song 4: The Happiness of God.

The growing tree trunk
Adds a circle of growth every year.
Giving good fertiliser.
Bears beautiful fruits and flower. ||1||

Soul is a traveller beyond living lives
From birth to birth embellished by actions.
In human birth, if he adds devotion
It leads to ‘grace’ accumulation. ||2||

When the tree blossoms
The gardener smiles contentedly.
Awakening to knowledge of the soul
Makes Lord God smile happily. ||3||

Song 5: Divine Union

The union of husband and wife
Leads to blossoming of new life
When Jeevatma and Parmatma
In divine embrace unify
The spirit of good thoughts, preachings,
Artistic talents gets invoked. ||1||

And great Sadhus, saints, Industrious people
Are incarnated for the benefit of humanity. ||2||

1. Jeevatma: soul
2. Parmatma Go

Song 6: The tree of Consciousness.

Man's consciousness reaches for divine heavens
Like the mango tree  for the sky.
A million leaves do the tree beautify
So , many a virtues do a human  prettify. ||1||

Essence of the tree #
Resides in all fruits
Progressing through stages
Man too sublimates. ||2||

# Like the essence of the humongous tree tries to find its
way in every fruit, and despite moving through stages of being unripe, bitter etc.,
the fruit eventually generates ambrosial pulp, 
so also does the consciousness eventually sublimate. 

Song 7: Pollination

The colourful flowers
Beautify the garden
When pollinated
Satisfied they retire. ||1||

Forming the fruit and seed
That is the law of nature
It is only an instrument
The flower knows for sure. ||2||

So also my dear When you take marriage vows,
It’s a sacred act for mother nature,
Know this for sure. ||3||


Oh! Dear, you had a question in your mind, isn't it? About God's unfathomable creation? What was that?


It was about man's obligation…

Ummm… What's that?

Song 8:Part of Heart

When God gave birds
Their first beautiful song.
He thought
Who will be the audience
Attentively for this. ||1||

When He flung into skies
The colours of rainbow,
He thought
Who will observe these
In their various wave forms. ||2||

When He filled the first flowers
With ambrosial honey
He thought
Who will taste this
Keeping a clean heart. ||3||

When he mixed abundantly
The first aroma in the air,
He thought
Is there a happy soul
Who will smell the scent. ||4||

These are the questions
The Creator is still finding
an answer to.
The scion of my own heart
Will he answer these some day ? ||5||


God has created beautiful nature
With a lot of love
It is then the duty of the human beings.
To know their obligation, with an open mind…1

One who achieves the heights of spiritual knowledge
He indeed loves all mankind
He knows the past and present
And helps in constructing a beautiful future …2


That means the amazing creation of God has given man everything, isn't it?


Finally, the truth is that this unfathomable creation
has created a great obligations on all of us.


Song 9:  Injured

One gets to know
When injured
The blood that flows
Is life-giving fluid. ||1||

One realises
When in sorrow
That God himself
Is master of the universe. ||2||

 Then how can one repay this debt


Song 10 :Mother Nature's obligation

When the butterflies visit flowers.
They give us golden harvest

When the birds chirrup sweetly
They give us happiness at heart
When the mother cow lows
She offers milk of her calf. ||1||

In this way, Mother nature
Gives her mercy every day
How can we repay this debt
Is the question in our heart. ||2||

The Saints churn the ocean *
Make a call of awakening.
Let us good deeds offer
To repay obligation to nature. ||3||

* Ocean: ocean of knowledge.


Offer obeisance to creation
Observe the marvellous beauty
And note how each creature
Is performing a God-given duty

Song 11 :The Wakeful Nature

When our consciousness sleeps.
Does nature sleep?

Wind blows through forests
Touching meditative trees.
Quenching parched lands
Flow the rivers and stream. ||1||

Nocturnal mother is awake.
Foraging food for her brood
Stars twinkle through the sky.
Shower good fortitude. ||2||

Enlivening every body.
Gods truths keeps flowing
In such unfathomable ways
Mother nature keeps working. ||3||

Song 12 :Deserving friends

The butterfly with ease
Visits flowers eagerly
Collects floral honey
Working dutifully. ||1||

Oh! Deserving friends
Perform duties daily
Wish each other well
And live happily. ||2||

Song 13 :Where to hide ?

Some say I'll hide in mountain
Trees and creepers will watch thee
Some say I'll hide in ocean.
It has unheard creation. ||1||

Some say I'll hide in skies.
Soaring eagles will observe thee
Some say I'll hide in caves
Bats and insects will see. ||2||

Shall I hide here, 
shall I hide there  
Where at all can I hide
Wherever it be world-wide,
I am watched by God's eyes! ||3||

Song 14 :The love of God.

Pitter-Patter fall rain showers
Water droplets are life-carriers.

Trees, creepers., bushes and rivers.
Play a riot of beautiful colours
Birds sing in sweet soft tones.
Mother Earth looks over with pleasure. ||1||

So also dear friends we all
Are children of  'Mother nature'
Pitter-patter God's grace showers
Giving blossoms of divine nurture. ||2||

Song 15 :God's presences

The sun's light invisible
Is made visible by reflection
God's presence incomprehensible
Manifests in living creation. ||1||

Reflected colours and shape
Define properties of objects
Every atom has God's presence
Virtues define incarnations. ||2||

Song 16 :Shadow

Height of a shadow
Can you tell to anyone
Indeed, its length gives
Position of the sun. ||1|

Shadow of young sun.
Is very long cast.
In youthful stage.
It winds through feet fast . ||2||

This fickle shadow.
Again is tall in evening.
Can somebody guess the magic
Shadow's tryin' to sing. ||3|||

Like the shadow of a person.
There's a shadow of one's mind
That gives depth of one's thinking
Height of spirituality kind. ||4||

Song 17 :Consciousness

Oh! God , give me consciousness
To utter your name kind.
To the material world
Soul connects thru' sacred mind. ||1||

Yearning , prayer , and learning
Bring one close to God
Soul may get His consciousness
Win respect and social standing. ||2||

And so ends Pushpamala 5
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih