Pushpamala 4: Life's Journey

(When the scene starts, all the Yoginis are conversing in small groups)


Hello there my dear ones. What are these?


Mother Mahalaxmi , we have understood how the husband-and-wife should conduct themselves to reach the feet of the Lord. But the upbringing of children has an important place in the life of a mother and is an important
function. Is it not?


Very true… but this duty of the mother starts right from the time the baby is in her womb from 'Garbhupdesh' , initiating teaching to the fetus.

'Garbh-Updesh', what does that mean? Who should give this, how should it be given, and when should it be given?


'Garbh-Updesh', is to be given by the mother and her
dear ones with a pure heart , as a form of blessing to the new developing fetus.

The pregnant mother may place the four fingers of her right hand on the stomach near the womb with a sacred thought that the vibrations of this teaching shall pass through the fingers to the embryo.

At the time of Garbh Updesh It is suitable to sit in a peaceful and holy place like the place of worship. One may offer flowers, incense and other offering as may be appropriate at that time.  She may also place a glass of water or offerings of fruit and food in front of her while reciting these teachings . After the teaching has been recited, the mother should eat the food and drink the water with a conviction that the food is now sanctified by the above mantra and  teachings, and when she eats the same, the blessings of the mantra and teaching shall reach the baby in her womb by means of nourishment. 

If the Pregnant mother repeats this Garbh Updesh at  convenient time , it will lead to wonderful results.  

Song 1: Preaching to the fetus in mother's womb

|| Om, May the newly conceived soul be enlivened with  divine life ||
Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih ||
(Recite this above mantra 11 times and then read the following)

Oh ! Newly embodied soul in the womb,
Thou art a sacred microcosm of Brahma, the Supreme Creator
Even while you are in your mother's womb
Be blessed by the gifts of mother nature || 1 ||

Thou are blessed with hands,
For performing good deeds
Lotus feet endowed on you,
To walk the righteous path || 2 ||

The eyes gift you,
A world vision of grace
The ears and auditory means,
Are for you to learn || 3 ||

Tongue is the temple of Goddess Saraswati,
For you to recite mantras (chants)
Heart and mind, mystical and fathomless,
For Ye, to contemplate on Brahma || 4 ||

The five senses indeed,
Shall join your soul to the external world
So that you may seek the elements and colours
That beautify the world || 5||

Importantly, while you reside in your mother's womb,
Absorb and soak-in the “Anaahat Nad
For these are the ones that shall keep you company
In the cacophony of the world after birth || 6 ||

As the nine months gestation comes to a close,
You may be bereaved at birth
That you have been torn asunder from Brahma;
Know this to be but your innocence || 7 ||

For your father and mother are also incarnations of Brahma Himself,
Mother nature has endowed you with a beautiful form
So that your soul may be embellished during this life and sublimate.
Let this be the profound 
Garbho Upadesh (Preachings for fetus)  to you||8 ||

* Anaahat Nad : Divine vibration beyond normal human limits.


Mother Mahalaxmi! what are the precise duties of a
mother ?


Song 2: Mother's Duties

Mother has two major duties,
One is to nourish the children.
By giving them, good food.
And second is to impress on them.
Good 'sanskars', value systems.
That will increase their depths of thinking.
For indeed, motherhood is a 'parampad', high altar.
As she always wishes well for her children and grandchildren.


and yes, the parents should also give to the children practically useful values for any dealings in life.

Song 3: Practical dealings

Keep an alert mind when you are doing any dealings.
If you give instructions to somebody.
Then verify that they have been received, properly.
Re-examine this through other ways also
then, your dealings will not result in the wrong outputs.


the upbringing of a newly born child begins from the mother's milk, is it not?


Song 4: Mother's milk

Mother's milk
is essense of her body and soul.
For the child.
It is the apex of love he can get in this world.


Yes, but mother Goddess, how does the child get
'sanskars', values from the mother's milk ?


Song 5: Child's Enlightenment from Mother's Milk

The child's enlightenment. from mother's milk
Follow the emotions that arise in a mother's heart
As mother's sacred wishes blossom.
So would the inspirations. || 1 ||

When the gentle lips of the baby suckle
It feels like the ambrosial honey of the flower.
Hold the baby in your loving embrace.
And thank God, with a prayer. || 2 ||


And yes….

Song 6: For the benefit of all…

For the benefit of all
For the Happiness of all
Mother Goddess pours 'Ganga jal', 
holy Ganga water. ||1||

Like every mother has milk
To feed her baby
So also Mother Goddess has holy milk of knowledge,
For her devotee children. ||2||

This means that every person should realise that
whatever achievements he has in life….

…. the peaks of success that he is conquering based on the good 'sanskars' he has got….

 …… the foundation of all this, is at the birth when our

All Yoginis together:

….. fed us affectionately with mother's milk. Isn't it ?

(all Yoginis laugh lightly)


'Lord Vishnu' and I decided that we will give freedom to our human children, since they are highly intelligent. But they often misuse the freedom which we gave them. Hence there is sorrow in the world. If you see, even the birds and animals are like our children. They are in our complete control. Is there sorrow in them? Man is intelligent, and so he was given freedom……Lord Vishnu has provided for every living creature in his creation. But mankind has not tried to understand this…

Song 7: Guru Knowledge

Mother gives birth
Father and Mother give affection
'Parmatma' ,God gives 'atma', soul,
And it is 'Guru' who gives knowledge.

Song 8: Nar-Janma, Human Birth

When  fore-feet of the four-legged 
In 'Evolution' became free
Apes in  forests and dale,
Rejoiced abundantly||1||

In the human birth.
Man is additionally enriched by intellect.
As if the creator.
Has sent down his own Ambassador. ||2||

Then what stops us from creating.
A beautiful world ?
We will certainly realise God
If we are a filled with humility and surrender. ||3||

But mother Mahalakshmi, in the fulfillment of a mother's duty. What is the role of 'Bhakti', devotion ?


Oh! dear. It is 'Bhaktimay jeevan', life filled with devotion. For peace of mind, and for progress to take place in the spiritual aspects of life, every woman should lead a life that is 'Bhakti Pravahi', flowing with devotion.

Ulka and Indrani:
 'Bhakti Pravahi' , what does that mean?


Song 9 : The devotion filled journey of life

My first verse dear
Is about the loving childhood
From playing-house to first lisping
I remember my loving God good. ||1||

My second verse dear
Is about 'Love' in youthful emotion,
While I enjoy marital bliss
I remember my loving God with devotion ||2||

My third verse dear
Is about the inkling of motherhood
My life-mission as a women is fulfilled
I remember my loving God good. ||3||

My fourth verse dear
Is about middle-age wisdom
Amidst 'Karma' 1 , 'Dharma'2 and 'Sanskar' 3
I remember my loving God with devotion. ||4||

My parting verse dear
Is about the mystery beyond life's ocean,
I shall prevail on myself like the 'LOTUS'
And always remember my loving God with 
devotion ||5||

1 Karma : Deeds
2 Dharma : Duty
3 Sanskar : values

Song 10 : Stepping into the Third Phase of life

Entering the 'Tritiya-Ashram'1, Third phase of life,
Is indeed a sacred step,
Keeping 'Grihastashram', family-life, well
One should offer obeisance to one's Guru…||1||

Remember your beloved deities,
As also, your kith and kin,
Do only those deeds,
That look good in the society's norms. …||2||

You have now got the authority.
Of your knowledge and experience
Godly spirits will reside in your house
Salute them humbly . …||3||

Prostate yourself in front of your Guru,
and to your parents and elders.
Do not unnecessarily prostate yourself
In front of other strangers. ||4||

Beautify the world like a Lotus.
Be detached from the worldly charms.
Talk with husband wife, children, now
As if they are your equal friends ||5||

Give your thoughts.
Only to those who ask for them.
Do not unnecessarily preach
And make an exhibition of your knowledge ||6||

Remember that your own effulgence
Is but the power of God
May it always perform good deeds.
Let this be your constant thought. ||7||

Whatever acts you did in the 'Dvitiya-ashram', second
phase of life,
They were the best at that point of time
Leave them now at the feet of the Lord.
And cross the threshold, remembering God. ||8||

Now, a new devotional dawn.
An excellent path to God realisation.
Let this be your goal.
Seek satisfaction therein . ||9||

The friends you had in the second phase of life.
Let them be intact with you
In the new environment of the third phase
New friends and relations will bud for you…||10||

So in the third phase of life.
Keep the relations of the second phase in happiness.
You will get new spiritual relations.
Keep this in mind and nourish them .||11||

Establish communication with these spiritual kin.
Purify yourself in their love divine
Make your journey of life, a grand success
And progress in spiritual development . ||12||

1. Ashram : Life has been divided into four 'Ashramas',
phases of about 21 years each.
First phase is of 'Gurukul' , learning from the Guru.
Second phase is of 'Grihast-ashram', or family .
'Tritiya-ashrma', Third phase is 'Vanprasth-ashram'
Fourth phase is 'Sanyas-ashram'.This song tries to tell about the third phase as applicable to common people.

Song 11: Confluence of Wealth

Oh, Mother Goddess.
Help us to establish 'Yog-Aishvarya' 1

Mother nature gives us life,
All men and women are like her children.
Endow all of us with 'Yog-Aishvaryam'
this is our prayer to you. ||1||

Oh Mother, give to the child , 'Su-Sanskar', good values
This Wealth of Values shall make its life fruitful
To the students give storehouse of knowledge,
This is 'Jnyana-Aishvarya', Wealth of knowledge. ||2||

To the youth give 'Udyog Aishvarya', 
To stand on their own feet,
Let the family life be showered with 
Wealth of Affection
To live life happily. ||3||

With an exalted feeling of serving society,
Give for certain 'Parmarth-Aishvarya', 
Wealth of gooddeeds,
Considering flaura and fauna as ones kith and kin,
Give us 'Sristi-Aishvarya' , Wealth of Nature. ||4||

That achievement which shall resound for ages,
Give us such 'Yug-Aisvarya', Wealth for Ages,
Humble union with will divne
Give us that 'Param-Aishvarya',
Wealth of Divine Bliss. ||5||

The 'Yog', confluence of these eight wealths
Is indeed 'Yog-Aishvaryam',
Oh, Mother Goddess.
Help us to establish 'Yog-Aishvaryam' ||6||

Note: 1. Yog-Aishvarya : Confluence of Wealth

And so ends Pushpamala 4
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih