Pushpamala 3: Faithfullness to spouse

(Mahalaxmi and other yoginis are in their forms of statue. Bhakt (devotee) Triguna is taking rest at the feet of Mahalaxmi. The gentle light from the lamps is filling the room. There is a sense of inner peace, on the face of Triguna. Is she asleep or is she in deep meditative trance ? Occasionally there is a smile on her lips. Just then, there is mellifluous music heard in the room, and Mahalakshmi, the mother of the universe emerges from her statue. Soon after, the other Yoginis also emerge from their respective statues.)

'Namaskar' Varuni, Indrani, Chitrani, Rudrani.

Vama: ( addressing other Yoginis)
Triguna has gone to sleep, and now we are free to talk with each other.

Oh yes, even, I was getting impatient to meet Mother Laxmi and to meet all of you.

And truly  speaking there are a number of questions, in my heart, for which I'm seeking answers.

Questions, what questions?

Oh about the deep mystery of this creation of God.

And yes, I am also intrigued about man. He is the highest of God's creation. What is the mystery of his journey of life.

Yes, and you see, man has used intelligence and with the help of science, he pursued the truth of creation to his best capacity. But then tell me , every human has a 'Jnyani Atma ' , soul full of knowledge. Then what is the form of both science and 'Atma Jnyan', spiritual knowledge?

Wait a moment..wait a moment.. All of us have some questions in our heart. Let us request mother Mahalaxmi to remove our doubts.
( All Yoginis proceed to Mahalakshmi)

Mahalaxmi: (mild smile) 
Welcome, all of you. I know there is storm of thoughts in the minds of you all .Come let us all discuss it freely.

Mother Mahalaxmi! What is the easiest path to the feet of the Lord.

Oh! Vama . It is our own home and family.

You mean..?


Song 1: Home

Home and family are the gift of the Lord himself,
The home becomes a vibrant place to live,
by the combined effort of the 
husband and wife. ||1||

The love between the husband,wife and their children.
Is a sure way to reach the feet of the Lord.
In fact, it is as if the discovery of one's own 
soul lies in this||2||

This phenomena of 'sansara' 1,
occurs at our home.
This indeed is the journey of life.
Which shall certainly give 'Atma-Jnyan'2 ||3||

1. Sansara : family life
2. Atma-Jnyana : Spiritual knowledge

Song 2: The 'Yoga-sadhana' of Marriage.

My first prayer is to the Lord
Next prayer is to 'Satguru'
This is the divine word of the Goddess
Husband is also like my 'guru'. ||1||

The husband and wife live in love
And worship God together
Their affectionate bonds with children
Comprises 'Yoga-sadhana'1, prayer. ||2||

But then, Mother Mahalaxmi, do the husband and wife have to perform any special 'Vrata', observance for this.

Of course,
Where the husband is devoted to his wife
And the wife is devoted to her husband.
No other 'Vrata' is needed.
To realise one's own God within .

 Oh!. This is such a simple 'Vrata'.

What is the meaning of 'Pativrata'?

 The virtues of role models set by ideal wives is what it connotes.

Song 3 : The virtue of Ideal Wife.

Husband is her sole 'Vrata' 1 .
Unison of hearts among them .
The 'Dharma' 2 of the husband
Forms her own avowed aim. ||1||

Husband is himself her 'Guru'
This is her sacred thought.
Husband is the final quarter
This is 'Paativratya' 3 , . ||2||

1. Vrata : aim, goal.
2. Dharma : duty in a phase of life.
3. Paativratya : Virtue of ideal wife.

 Mother Sita was the wife of a king. So is her “Paativratya' greater than that of common man's  wife.?

No dear Sakhi's , not at all. 'Paativratya' has the same status in the eyes of the Lord. There is no differentiation of high and low over there.

Song 4: Faithfulness towards Spouse/Husband

One is from a rich household and family
Another is a wife in a humble hutment dwelling
Yet their 'Paativratya' is same in eyes of 'Hari' ** ||1||

One prepares sweets and confectionery
The other prepares dry bread full of love
Yet their 'Pativratya' is same in eyes of 'Hari' ||2||

One has jasmine and roses in her garden array
The other worships with but simple wild flowers.
Yet their 'Pativratya' is same in eyes of 'Hari' ||3||

One wears precious gems and jewellery
Other the ornament of husband's name in her heart,
Yet their 'Pativratya' is same in eyes of 'Hari' ||4||

Whether he be a farmer or a horse-mounted 'shikari' #,
Their wives await them with the same anxiety
Indeed their 'Pativratya' is same in eyes of 'Hari' ||5||

* Pativratya : faithfulness to spouse/husband
#’shikari’ : sports-man, hunter
** Hari : God

Song 5: The basic value for 'Purusharth' *

A woman is like the 'Bow',
The man is like the 'arrow'
Only when the two are in consonance
The arrow can target correctly.
Men should realise this and
Always respect the 'Stree-shakti'.#

* Purusharth : Duty of man
# 'Stree-shakti' feminine power.

So ends Pushpamala 3
Om peace peace peace.