Pushpamala 2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

(When the scene opens , devotee Triguna has performed the 'Ghat-staphana' , pot with a coconut depicting Goddess Mahalaxmi, with a pure heart on 'Ashwin Shuddha Pratipada', first day of the month of Ashwin in Hindu calendar. She has offered garlands on the 'Ghat' regularly .
Also she has arranged a beautiful decoration of the 'puja',worship . In this decoration, there is a statue of Mahalaxmi with four hands , standing in a Lotus. She has lotus flowers in her hands . One hand is giving blessing and the other holds decorated vessel.
On both sides of Mahalaxmi are 'Yoginis' who are her friends and assistants.
On one such evening,Triguna has invited her 'Sakhis', friends and neighbors and together they are performing the present 'Puja' and singing 'Bhajans ',hymns for the MotherGoddess.)

Song 1  : Oh Mother, Please bless us

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Jogeshwari , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Jogeshwari
Darkness of ignorance was driven away. ||1||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Mahalaxmi , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Mahalaxmi,
And drank the fount of wisdom's spray. ||2||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Renuka , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Renuka,
And realized value of divine love. ||3||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Bhavani of Tuljapur , I pray 
I worshipped Mother Bhavani,
And got a direction in my life. ||4||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Kalimata , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Kali,
My ego she did slay. ||5||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Maheshwari , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Maheshwari,
And unified with Nature. ||6||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Sita , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Sita,
And realized value of 'Pativratya'1 ||7||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Radha , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Radha ,
And got devotional bouquet. ||8|||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Saraswati , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Saraswati,
Humility engulfs me today. ||9||

Oh! Mother bless us,
Oh! Mother Parvati , I pray ,
I worshipped Mother Parvati,
And got divine bliss, I say . ||10||

(The devotees sing some more ‘bhajans’, hymns and
enjoy divine bliss)

1. Pativratya: faithfulness towards spouse/husband

Song 2  : Worship of Mother

When I worshipped Mother Mahalaxmi
I found the way of her love divine. ||1||

When I worshipped Mother Sita
I found the way of 'Pativratya' ||2||

When I worshipped Mother Radha
I found the way of divine Bhakti ||3||

Song 3  : The 64 Yoginis

From the large primordial explosion,
Atoms, electrons, protons formed
Instantly they engulfed the cosmos
And the basic elements were born. ||1||

Some were charged, some uncharged,
They evolved from the primordial force
And the dance of the fundamental particles
Is as if they rose from 64 Yoginis as source ||2||

Song 4  : The Devotion of Mother Amba

With the lamp in our hands
Let us to Mother Amba1 pray
For when we remember her,
Our life in peace shall stay. ||1||

She resides in Kolhapur
Know this to be a 'Shaktipeeth'2,
The 'prasad'3, that you get
Distribute it liberally. ||2||

1. Amba(bai) : Mother Goddess
2. Shaktipeeth : Seat of divine energy
3. Prasad : Offering to Gods.

Song 5  : The 64 Yoginis


Distributing the 'prasad' of mother's love
is not just distributing sugar and sweets
But it is to love others like Mother Goddess 
loves us. ||1||

But people do not seem to understand this
Hence there is sorrow in the land.
People do not understand the love of mother Goddess
Perhaps this is her grief too. ||2||

Song 6 : Praise be to Mother Goddess

You are incarnated at the Shaktipeeths
You are the epitome of love of Mother

You are the destroyer of evil intent
You are the ultimate harbour .

Song 7  : Mother Goddess 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother Jogeshwari
Welcome to the 'Gondhal'1 festivity

Praise be to Mother of Karveer Kolhapur
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother of Chandvad
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother Kali
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother Maheshwari
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother Sita of Panchvati
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother Radha of Vrindavan
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to Mother Bhavani of Tuljapur
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

Praise be to all beloved Mother Saraswati
Welcome to the 'Gondhal' festivity

1. Gondhal: One of the folk music and dance heritages
of Maharashtra, performed as worship of a 'Devi',

Song 8  : Mother's beauty

When I contemplate
On the beautiful form of Mother

The holy river 'Ganga'
Gushes forth from my heart ||1||

Some love her as 'Vaishno devi',
Some as 'Ambabai',
All forms are but one
I prostrate to her humbly ||2||

The faithfulness of 'Sita'
Incomparable 'Bhakti' of Radha
Know this lovely form of Mother
There shall be no sorrow and bother ||2||

1. Bhakti : devotion

Song 9  : Mother engulfs my heart

Mother engulfs my heart
The diety of Karveer
The one who dwells at Mahurgad hills
And the one at 'Saptashringi' hills ||1||

The Mother diety 'Tulja' of Shivaji
Goads us to stand by Truth
Without fear or favour
Exhibit chivalry ||2||

Goddess 'Ilai'1 of 'Jnyaneshwar' 2
Inspires new technique
To keep progressing
Master new Mantras 3 and speak ||3||

1: Ilai : goddess Saraswati
2. Jnyaneshwar : A reputed 13th century saint of Maharashtra who wrote a
critical commentary on Bhagwat Gita in Marathi
3. Mantra : holy chant

Infact , every moment is itself a ‘devata’, diety.

Song 10  : Mother engulfs my heart

In three dimensions
Is Clay, Wood , Stone diety
So also in the fourth dimension
Time is the profound diety . ||1||

At every pilgrimage place,
Worship is offered with devotion.
'Anand' 1, and 'Prem' 2,
Are offerings for every 'Moment' ||2||

By worshipping the image of this 'Adi-Shakti',timeless divine Mother, our mind can get concentrated. Otherwise how can one experience her infinite form?

Sakhi 1:
Come let us then pray together.

Song 11  : Prayer

Mother looks so beautiful indeed

You embody 'Love'
You embody emotions
Give me shelter at your feet.
Know ye my devotion ||1||

Why is your world enigmatic
Some smile some are tearful
The humble devotee surrenders
With a prayer hopeful ||2||

Song 12  : Will He recognise  me

Will my beloved recognise me

He gave me a pure heart
When He sent me
A pure sight
And a sweet speech ||1||

Lust, Anger, Greed
Are torturing me
My sight has become evil
My tongue slipped me. ||2||

Chanting 'Mantra' of beloved
Remaining 'Duty' bound
I shall arrive blissfully
To my beloveds house ||3||

Then my beloved God
Will certainly recognise me.

Song 13  : Recognising Truth

Conduct, Thoughts, and utterances
When all the three are in unison
This is the manifestation of 'Truth'
Know it for certain.

Sakhi 1:
But listen! the preachings of dieties and saints in
different religions , are these similar or are they
totally different?


Song 14  : Books of Knowledge

At first there was the word
The word was with God
The word was God
Says the Christian faith ||1||

'Aakar, Ukaar, Makaaar' 1,
Together form the Omkar
This is the primordial seed
Says Jnyaneshwar , the saint of saints. ||2||

One who knows his 'Atma' 2
He shall know 'Parmatma' 3
Creation is the family of God
Says Prophet Mohammed. ||3||

This then is the seed-wisdom
Of all religions
The 'duty' bound 'SOUL'
Incarnates in the world. ||4||

Taking into account,
Time, circumstances and place
Satguru 4 gives wisdom
In Books of Knowledge. ||5||

1. Aakar, Ukaar, Makaar : The three components of the primordial sound of Omm.
2. Atma : soul
3. Parmatma : God
4. Satguru : Great-Master

Song 15  : Lullaby of love

Mother Goddess dear
Lives in my house
I worship thee,
with joy.||1||

Mother says,
Keep thy focus on me
Then I will fill your heart
with love divine..||2||

Song 16  : Eight-Laxmi names

1. Dhan-Laxmi
2. Dhaanya-Laxmi
3. Aishvarya-Laxmi
4. Santaan-Laxmi
5. Veer-Laxmi
6. Gaja-Laxmi
7. Aadi-Laxmi
8. Vijay-Laxmi

Song 17  : Mother Forgive Me

Mother I have not understood thee
Oh! Mother forgive me

I thought you should always stay only close to me,
But then I realised that all devotees are indeed dear to thee

I thought you should manifest, only in my house
You love every common soul is what I realize.

I thought you should give me all your support
But then I realised you uphold the moons stars and planets.

Song 18  : New Garments

Oh! Mother, give me new garments

My heart is filled with arrogance
Neighbours have broken relation
I am filled with remorse
I need garments from thread of love||1||

Ignorance has darkened my house
Children are lost in wilderness
I've forgotten the very path of life
Please give incense of knowledge. ||2||

My heart is charred by anger
Friends have away turned
None has come in time of need
Bestow me border of good intention. ||3||

The deities seem to be angered by me
I have lost my peace of mind
I have forgotten spirituality
Grant me garments of Bhakti ||4||

Sakhi 2: 
Listen Triguna! What virtues does Mahalakshmi indicate?

Devotee Triguna
Do listen

Song 19  : Mahalakshmi virtues

Mahalakshmi signifies divine energy.
She inspires truthful thoughts and deeds.
Dutifulness is her dear synergy.

She gives auspicious inspirations.
Human development work gets done with ease.
Oh! friends take this virtue of Laxmi
Enshrine it in your mind, please

Sakhi 3: 
Yes, but for ordinary mothers. What should be the virtues they should embody.

Look there are three major virtues.

Song 20  : Three virtues of mother

One and two and three.
These are virtues, three
Out of infinite love
she brings up her children silently. ||1||

One and two and three
These are virtues, three.
In times of great anxiety.
She sings to make kids worry free. ||2||

These are virtues, three.
Be it in youth or evening of life
She exhibits strength, 'shakti', ||3||

Sakhi 3: 
Oh Triguna! Every answer you give to any question is so beautiful.

Triguna (anxiously) :
Oh! Dear. But for several days, there
has been a storm of questions in my mind.

Sakhi 3:  Questions? What questions?

Triguna: Questions about Life’s Journey, What is similarity between Science and Spirituality? What is journey of the SOUL? …….

Sakhi 4: (interrupting) . 
Wow! What a wonderful evening.

Triguna: (distracted in her train of thoughts
Indeed, you are so right. Whatever you do in the worship of God , do it with complete reverence. Then it will reach Her feet . Whatever is the form of God that you have in your heart, keep complete faith in it. Then that 'bhakti' will bear fruit. In the history of deities , the forms of these deities has depended from time to time on what was in man's mind and as per his intellectual ability to think.
Accordingly, the gods manifested. But this is not just a matter of imagination, but in fact, whichever form one believes in, if one places full faith in that form , then that 'bhakti' leads to 'mukti', salvation.

Sakhi 5: 
How true. And how beautiful, is this moment.

Triguna :
O! dear. You have spoken something straight out of my heart. Come let us perform 'Arati' , worship with lighted lamp, at this beautiful moment.

Song 21  : 'Arati' of Shri Mahalaxmi

We perform the 'arati' of Mahalaxmi
Our heart's full of good feelings

She looks indeed so graceful
Heart is filled with joy and healing

Consort of Lord Vishnu
Oh, Divine Mother give me shelter

Fill my heart with but your memory
This is my ardent prayer

Song 22  : 'Arati' of Adishakti

We perform the 'Arati' of Adishakti
The mother of the Universe
Mother of all 'Jeevas' 1 , living souls
Oh 'Devi' of great omniscience ||1||

I am but a rank ordinary person
Mother I have come to your shrine
Oh! Mother have mercy on me
And give shelter at feet thine ||2||

 What a surprise ! We prayed to the Goddess, and it appears as if she has appeared in the statues. Come again for the morning prayers.
1. Jeeva : living soul

Sakhi 1:
 Yes, we will come. Would you please take rest,every day you are so busy in performing the Pooja and festivities. Don't you get tired . Take some rest, dear.
Oh! Who am I to do anything. The entire power and inspiration comes from Mother Goddess. And hence, I will sleep at her feet here itself. So please do not worry about me.
Ok bye

So ends Pushpamala 2
Om peace peace peace.