MMS English Preface

PREFACE by the author Dr. Pradeep Wagh

Satguru Kripa : The beginning of the  Kavyas.

Shri Satguru Datta Chile Maharaj appeared as a divine incarnation on earth in the 20th century at a village called Paijarvadi, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India .Shri Datta Chile Maharaj tried to inspire society towards love for God.He encouraged his devotees to do good deeds and perform creative work. But his inspiration had no pressure or effort to preach a particular practice. He would lead the life of a detached saint and did not try to gather a crowd of disciples. According to the nature of the desirous people, he guided them on the path of God.

I too got an opportunity to see Satguru Datta Chile Maharaj. My family and I would go to see and hear him, but our materialistic mind could not recognise his real incarnation.

In 1986 Shri Chile Maharaj jí relinquished  his life voluntarily . His "Samadhi sthal" i.e.shrine  of resting of bodily-remains is at village Paijarwadi,Kolhapur-Malkapur Road, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Even today this shrine is a place of inspiration for devotees who come from across the world.

In year 1994, by grace of Shri Chile Maharaj, I started getting some spiritual messages. These messages, I felt, I got in a state of introspection and meditation, and when I was in a sort of egoless state of surrender to my Guru . I wrote them down as per my capability. My wife Netra would also help me transcribe them as they were pronounced , almost without volition , from my mouth. We called it 'Bodhamrut' of the Satguru Chile Maharaj.

My FAMILY MEMBERS father  late Babanrao ji (Bhaoo), mother  Vatsala (Tai), wife Netra and children Anuya, Kashmira and Omkar would usually be the first ones to listen to this Bodhamrut from me. Most of the messages seemed to come with blessings of some specific 'devata' viz. Sita Maa, Radha Raani or Mahalaxmi Maa. 

These messages were first published in a book titled "NECTAR OF WISDOM" meaning BODHAMRUT. This was only distributed privately.

Around this time I also sought blessings of one Sat-guru Thakur Maharaj in Pune. He prophetically said, “The real importance of this Kavya will be manifested to people after you (have ceased to exist).”

Many a times, the "Nectar of Wisdom" messages would be beyond my understanding. Then I would show them to my respected Brig.P.V.Gole (Retd.) AVSM, Chairman ,Development Education (International) Society. Brig.Gole, was previously Director of Industrial Relations of AIR INDIA --at the time the venerable Mr.J.R.D.Tata was its chairman. Brig.Gole , a learned person would be able to often understand the "Nectar of Wisdom" messages more clearly than me and would help me understand the same.

In those initial days, on some valued occasions for me, I got the opportunity to discuss these ”Nectar of Wisdom" messages with Padmashree Dr.Vijay Bhatkar, during walks in the serene hill forests of Pune.

Others who also guided me in the process are Hon.Dr.S.P.Mishra, Vice Chancellor, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar; Dr.R.N.Shukla, a renowned scientist ; Dr.Alka Joshi and others.

But there always remained some aspects that were beyond my human ken.

The messages received from my Guru are not related to any faith or sect. The messages would be of different purport. Through them my Guru would sometimes discipline me, sometimes he would enlighten me and insisted that I should put these into my practice. In this way these messages became vehicles of  self development. On the practical  level, I tried to apply the tenets received through the' Nectar of Wisdom' to my function as Secretary General of Development Education (International) Society , DEIS-Pune,  and I must say that it helped immensely.

In July 1998, my Satguru Datta Chile Maharaj inspired me that  I should compile the SONGS and events that he had given me in connection with Lord Shri Rama and Mother Sita into a SITA SHAKTI KAVYA, SSK  i.e. Sita's Empowerment Anthology. This Kavya was converted into a video film.  H.H.Sri Sri Ganapati Sacchinanda Swamiji of Mysore was the first divine person to see the video in Nashik . He blessed the effort by saying,"Swamiji is happy to see this new interpretation of Sita...." The film  went on to win awards in 2006 at the

                -San Francisco Short Film Festival and

                -Festival De Cine De Granada

Subsequently  my Satguru inspired me to compile the SONGS he had given me in connection with RADHA RANI  into a RADHA BHAKTI SUDHA, RBSThis Kavya too was converted into a beautiful video film . The latter also by His grace went on to win international awards in 2007-2008 at the 

                -New York Short Film Festival   and

                -Festival De Cine De Granada

Details of the SSK and RBS and the awards they  won are given on the web-site


While these two Kavya's took definite shape , I was struggling with the third of the Trilogy , viz. SONGS connected with MAHALAXMI . For some reason for years together I was not getting any clarity about this last Kavya, even though a large number of SONGS had been received , as if emanating from Mahalaxmi.

In 2007 , I expressed my anxiety to a divine saint   Sou. Rajnitai Balasaheb Kulkarni, Aaji. She suggested that I should come for the 'Puja of Mahalaxmi' on 'astami' day of Navratri at her ashram in Pune. Accordingly my wife Netra and I went to attend the 'Mahalxmi Puja' on 19th October 2007 . As the 'puja' progressed, in almost a flash the entire structure of the 'Kavya' became clear to me viz. that it has to be composed around 'nine 'chapters each corresponding to the nine auspicious days of 'Navratri' . The broad titles of each chapter also were revealed during this 'Puja' and each chapter was to be called as 'Pushpamala' , a connotation meaning the garlands that are put on the 'Ghat' of Mahalaxmi during 'Navratri' , on  each day.

With the broad structure now known, began the interesting task of classifying the SONGS into these 'Pushpamalas'.

By 2009, the Marathi and English versions of MMS were ready.    

One Dr.R.N.Shukla , a great  marathi literary figure wrote the forward.


Dr.Abhiraj Rajendra Mishra, Vice Chancellor  (Retd.) of Sampoornanand Sanskrit University,Varanasi,  UP offered to do the sanskrit translation. Dr. Mishra is a pious man and a sublimated soul. He  lives in Shimla. Dr. Abhiraj Rajendra Mishra is himself a Sanskrit literateaur. Usually he never translates some one else's work. But as a special case he undertook this holy task.

When Dr. Mishraji sent the completed translation in Sanskrit of MMS to me,  initially I was a bit doubtful about how it would look. But the moment I took the sanskrit translation into my hands, it seemed to give a special kind of vibration. Every word that I read in the sanskrit translation seemed to resound divinely. I do not read sanskrit well, but since I related it to the original Marathi , I could follow it . There is some magic in the Sanskrit version made by Dr.Abhiraj Rajendra Mishraji . The reading of the sanskrit gave me unexplained goose pimples , a sure sign of divine vibrations running through the body. 

I was thinking now of whom to request  the blessed task of writing a critique on the MMS Sanskrit.  . I was talking with my daughter  Anuya in USA  on the phone when it struck both of us that there is none other than Shri Ramkrishna (Ramki ji) ,USA  who can give his grace for this purpose. And we had good reason for this. All of us in Wagh family hold Ramkiji  in high regard as a person who has divine and spiritual pursuits. His  keen understanding of Sri MadBhagvatam, Vaishnav Samhita , Ramayana and his  lifelong efforts to spread the message of Vaishnavism to the Indian populace in USA is something admirable.  I have attended Brahmasabhas in USA conducted by him and his pious wife Lakshmi.

I am overjoyed that Ramki ji agreed and provided the critique as a 'Samarpanam' in beautiful Sanskrit verse form itself. This embellishes the MMS, Sanskrit  .

Dr. Bhagyalata Pataskar, Dr. Asha Gurjar   offered their help to prepare the MMS Sanskrit  for publication and  also provided  'Abhipraya' critical commentary .

On 5th March 2010, a limited edition of the MMS Sanskrit was  offered in the auspicious hands of prestigious citizens of India among them being none other than His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.

The limited edition is with good purpose  published in Sanskrit with the original Marathi and a translated English version . This limited edition is presently more for private circulation to experts , family and friends to receive their 'abhipraya' and to seek any improvement suggestions.

I acknowledge with heartfelt thanks the help of all those who have helped shape MMS Marathi , Sanskrit and English. Dr. Avanish Thanawala has done a Gujarathi version of MMS, for which I am grateful. 

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih.
Humble devotee
Dr. Pradeep Wagh
Development Education (International) Society
Prabhat House , Damle Path, Law College Road,
Pune 411 004 (India)
Tel/fax +91 (20) 25439101
Mob. +91 98813-64977           email:
First limited Edition      14th February 2010. Pune
Second limited Edition 5 March 2010 Chennai

Mahalaxmi Mukti Samwad, MMS foreword to 2018 Edition.

Mahalaxmi Mukti Samwad, MMS first edition was published in 2010. Thereafter there were further editions of this divine anthology.This edition of 2018 has some improvements incorporated. Specially, in this edition there is an Annexure of the new Bodhas (revelations) of Shri Mahalaxmi Mata’s blessings and spiritual grace of Satguru Shri Chile Maharaj. 

MMS was presented to the general public through a series of 10 radio programmes in the year 2010 to correspond with the Navratri Festival in India. These programmes were widely appreciated by the public.

Hence I am pleased to present this revised 2018 edition in your lotus hands. Your suggestions, critical comments and association are welcome.

Additionally, I am happy to say that all the three Anthologies are now also available at a web portal:

I invite all to visit this web portal and offer your valuable guidance.


Dr. Pradeep Wagh
September 2018.
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Lakshmi's husband, the provider of all blessings, is his uncle. Goddess Sarvamangala, who creates auspiciousness for everyone, is his mother. Shankara, who looks after all our well being is his father. With such a genealogy, He will obviously be filled with Grace and eager to bless us. We pray to this elephant headed Lord Ganesha. ||1|| 

The princess of Mithila, Sita Devi is known for her abundant divine Grace. One namaskar is more than sufficient to make her extremely happy. Her blessings led to the appearance of the great Sita Shakti Kavya. ||2|| 

The Goddess of Happiness Radha Devi, Radhika is dear to Krishna. She personifies pure affection. Her Grace led to the appearance of the great Radha Bhakti Sudha. ||3|| 

Goddess Mahalakshmi is God's Grace personified. She provides knowledge and success: both material success and the eternal happiness of Mukti.Her blessings have appeared as the wonderful Mahalakshmi Mukti Samvad. ||4||

The Grace of the Goddesses shone magnificently in the heart of the devotee Dr Pradeep Wagh. Divine Grace, beyond this world, has given us the beautiful set of these 3 Kavyas. ||5|| 

The mystic powers of the number 9 are well known to scholars of the scriptures. It is amazing that the Maha Lakshmi Mukti Samvad has also chosen to appear in front of us seated on a pedestal of Nine. |6||

The initial pushpamala of Prastavana is followed by the divine descriptions of Sri Maha Lakshmi. The dedication and affection between couples, the description of the flow of divine life and the splendor of spiritual knowledge form the successive pushpamalas. ||7|| 

The joyful festivities linking us to the divinity beyond form, expression of divinity in sound form, and the progressive journey of the self into divine knowledge culminate in the Maha Vakya of the Upanishads  “Aham Brahmaasmi “ - leading us to the knowledge and experience of the bliss of  “I am that Divinity”. ||8||

What a great blessing! What a great blessing! This amazing conversation has appeared by itself due to benevolent glance of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. ||9|| 

One who reads the Mahalakshmi Mukti Samvad with dedication is sure to be blessed with the purushaarthas of Dharma, Artha Kaama and Moksha. Everything becomes easy with the right performance of one's duty, acquisition of the right kinds of wealth, enjoying the right pleasures and comfortably achieving the realization of Supreme Divinity. ||10|| 

May happiness prevail among all beings everywhere! Peace, comfort, contentment !

Mr. S. Ramakrishnan - Ramki
Trustee Brahma Sabha; Vice President Capgemini USA
IIT Bombay (1979-84), IIM Ahmedabad (1984-86)
28117 West Savannah Trail
Lake Barrington IL 60010, USA.
Phone 1-847-304-4982 

 Abhipraya, “Critical Comment on Mahalaxmi Mukti Samvad, Marathi
by Dr.R.N.Shukla,  Ph.D.,D.Sc.,D.Litt.,Scientist,  (Excerpts from Marathi version )

In this modern age of science -technology-computers , perhaps people may find Dr.Pradeep Wagh's 'Mahalaxmi Mukti Samvad', MMS,  a bit difficult to appreciate. From ancient times, the Rishis, Munis, Maharshis, Brahmarishis, then our 24 'Gotra' bearers like Rishi Bharadwaj, Kanv, Gargya, Vashist, Shandilya, Kanaad,Agasti and others, all had 'Gurukuls', hermitages for teaching,  supported by the kings in their respective times. Sri Ram, Balram, Sri Krishna, Laxman are some of the well-known princes who learnt at these Gurukuls.  Ved-Vedang literature is generally considered as 'Apaurusheya' , beyond human capacity,cosmic knowledge. The ancient Indian knowledge of Shruti-Smruti -Puranott in that order, reached us once the art of writing became prevalent and later when printing technology became known.Rigveda to Samveda are also counted among the 'Apaurusheya' literature. In this cosmic world , the Rishis saw these in form of letters or heard them in form of words. What they heard  they memorised, then uttered and wrote them.

In my scientific view-point this is the TRUTH. Similarly I say that this anthology 'Mahalaxmi Mukti Samvad' of Dr.Pradeep Wagh is a divine manifestation through the medium of his Satguru late Shri Chile Maharaj and that it is an exqusite, practical TRUTH.

Prior to MMS, Dr.Wagh has also been blessed with two more anthologies , 'Sita Shakti Kavya' and 'Radha Bhakti Sudha' . Both these anthologies are par excellence spiritual manifestations of his Satguru.Indeed they are to be understood as the transmissions of spiritual energy. The videos of these  devotional anthologies won international awards at Film Festivals at San Francisco, New York and Spain.  

In Mahalaxmi Mukti Samvad too,  all the verses are soulful, devotional and mellifluous.......

.....The cosmic energy has truly manifested through divine vibrations.

With spiritual blessings this cosmic energy manifestation is getting revealed in the form of publication.

Dr. R. N. Shukla, Scientist (retd),
National Chemical Laboratory, Pune