Chapter 9: The love of the Lord

Synopsis in prose form :
Lav and Kush see fledglings of birds. These fledglings’ eyes were yet to open. Yet, their mother fed them food with affection.
“ Do the fledglings even know how much their mother loves them?“, ask Lav and Kush. Sita takes this opportunity to introduce Lav and Kush to the concept of love of God.

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One day Mother Sita saw
Worried faces of her sons who found
A fledgling fallen in front of them
From a tree to the ground ||1||

As soon as the fledgling fell down
Its mother came flying near
In its beak was a worm
It wanted to feed its infant dear ||2||

Lav brought water in his hands
He gave some of it to fledgling
The mother creating a fuss
Kept fluttering and chattering ||3||

Lav-Kush asked Sita wonderously
Seeing the mother bird in worry
How when fledgling's eyes are closed
It feels love of mother in flurry||4||

Hearing their question, Sita smiled
Sat next to them that time
Explained the concept of God’s Love
By singing them a simple rhyme ||5||

Song 1: Lord’s Love


The fledglings have their eyes closed,
Yet, feeds them the parent,
Until it grows in age and intellect
Mother’s love knows not the infant

So also, the fact that you are loved
By the Lord omnipresent unknown,
You may not understand awhile
Till in devotion n wisdom you've grown.

Song 2: Love for God

Lav and Kush:

Oh! Mother,
Can “Love” for God be of different forms?


Some may love Him like a consort,
Some like a brother,
Some may love Him like a kin,

Some like father-mother,
He is sure to steal your heart
Love has no fixed norms,
Oh devotee, love for God
Can indeed take various forms.

Song 3: Peace of Mind

My dear Sons listen
Gods love doesn't come only by words kind
God’s love comes ;when there is peace in mind.

Song 4: Unified Form


When the devotee remembers God,
The incarnation of the Lord blossoms in him.

Like milk and water when mixed,
Become inseparably unified.

So also, let no other form but that of Lord,
Remain in your body and mind.

Song 5: True Form of the Lord

Lav and Kush:

Today, I have come to know
The true form of my Lord,
Indeed! He is the darling
Of my heart.

The young river gushes forth noisily,
The winds in the heart blow uncontrolled,
But when they reach their Ocean of Love,
They become placid and emotionally unified.||1||

We will take your name sincerely
We will remember you every moment
When there will peace in mind
God will reside in our heart ||2||

Song 6: God's loving form

Sita :

The true form of God
Is the form of pure love
Like the full moon on ‘Guru Poornima
Pure, cool and bright ||1||

This life is like a jungle
Where there are shadows deep
This life is full of Joys and sorrow
Of various forms in heap||2||

When night overcomes this jungle
It brings darkness with it
Avarice, anger,arrogance and other
Wild animals roam in it. ||3||

These capricious elements
Try to swallow man
But in such trying time a true devotee
Surrenders to God’s plan ||4||

Filtered through the leafy canopy,
The moon-light spreads on forest floor
Like jewels it is scattered
On the path of darkness afore||5||

It is the duty of devotee
To revere these jewels he finds
To get direction from them
And leave the jungle behind||6||

For these jewels are indeed sent by Him
Know them as his own forms diverse
Seek support of these
And let your ignorance disperse||7||

Eventually step into pure ,
cool and bright moon-light
Realise the omnipresent God
And immerse yourself in Him complete ||8||

Song 7: Experience God

Lav-kush :

There was lighting in the sky
When I looked at it I perceived
Its image
In my brain ||1||

I sat with eyes closed
Hummed a tune to myself
I heard music sans instruments
In my heart ||2||

I went into deep sleep
And flew into the sky
Played with lightning
Without wings ||3||

In this way,
In waking, meditation, dream,
The sense of life I got
In varying amounts ||4||

Beyond all these states,
When the heart is as pure as "Ganga"
Then you experience God
In the "Anhad" time and space ||5||
"Ganga" refers to the holy river in India
"Anhad" refers to that which is beyond all physical
limitations of man

Song 8: Omnipresent God

Lav-Kush :

Eternal,Infinite , Limitless, Indestructible,
Immense,Detached,Unthinkable traits,
This is that "Shakti" *, the omnipresent God
Which you can experience
when your mind sublimates.

*"Shakti" refers to the Almighty God in this verse.

End of Chapter 9
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !