Chapter 8: Glory of Lord’s name

Synopsis in prose form :

The toddlers Lav and Kush, unlike other children, prefer to play with bows and arrows - apparently reflecting their princely birth.
One day, they bring a toy bow and arrow to Sita and ask her to teach them how to use it. Sita sorrowfully explains that she does not know how to use the bow and arrow. How she wished that their father was there to teach them. At this, the innocent children beg her to take them to their father, so that they can learn archery from him.

Sita, overcome with grief, says that their father has forgotten them and will not come to see them. The children, seeing their mother in tears, comfort her and say that even if they get to know the name of their father, they will chant his name as a mantra and that itself will be sufficient for them to learn all the techniques related to the art of archery.

Song 1 : My pining assuaged

Sita :

Wives of sages visited the hermitage
They would bring their children with them
Lav Kush then would be happy
And played various games with them ||1||

They brought herbs,roots and flowers
When they came to my hermitage
Our love would thus multiply
My pining for Lord would assuage ||2||

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Lav-kush were learning something.
They were searching their goals within .
Their face was flushed with a glow
Their personality was of ‘Raghukul’ kin

Song 2: Father Rama’s glory of names

Sita’s these two small kids,
Used to sweetly prattle away
They did not like usual toys
They brought bow and arrow to play ||1||

Touching mother’s feet gently,
Lav-Kush to her did sweetly proclaim
Why not teach us bow and arrow
When you taught us many a game ||2||

In a choked voice Sita said sorrowfully,
'This craft I do not know'
Sita's hands which picked up the 'Shiva’s bow'.
Why do they now tremble though ||3||

"To give you archery knowledge
Your father would come, I wish "
Seeing their mother's perplexity
The innocents shared her anguish||4||

Surprised kids, asked mother
"Who is our father ? Where is he ?
If we are able to stay at his feet
We'll learn the art of archery" ||5||

Grieved Sita said to her sons,
Your father you may never meet
Annoyed with me , He's forgotten us,
Even his sons he did not come to greet ||6||

Sita’s eye welled up with feelings
Words became a drop of tear,
Children also pined for father ,
And cried with their mother ||7||

Innocent sons of Lord Rama
Lav-Kush are kids perceptive
As they saw their mother in tears
Both gave her courage effusive ||8||

Even if father doesn’t come to meet
Just tell His auspicious name
With the Mantra of that itself
Knowledge of archery we shall gain ||9||

Sita liked these prattling words
As Lav-Kush hugged their loving mother
Her coy eyes wanted to speak
But Lord's name she could not utter ||10||

End of Chapter 8
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !