Chapter 7: Education of Lav and Kush

Synopsis in prose form :

The birth of Lav and Kush also turns out to be the birth of a new ‘Avatar’, that is, the incarnation of Sita in the role of a

Sita prays to Rishi Valmiki to take her twin children under his fold and give them good knowledge of Vedas, martial arts, etc., so that they grow up to be protectors of righteousness.

While the children are undergoing rigorous schooling under Rishi Valmiki, Sita as a mother keeps a watchful eye on their physical, emotional and spiritual development, because she aspires that they should prove to be worthy sons of ‘Bharat’ i.e.India.

For this purpose, she imparts her own knowledge and experience to the children at appropriate times.

The anthology then builds upon SITA’s inherent inner spiritual strength. Lav and Kush, like any other inquisitive children, keep questioning her about the process of life. As a mother, Sita answers all their questions and imparts strong ‘Sanskars’ (value systems) to them. Lav Kush occasionally summarise what they have learnt.

Link 1:

Lav- Kush were children gifted
They learnt from their 'Guru' quickly
Their mother a fountainhead of knowledge
Gave them proper ‘Sanskar’ daily ||1||

Children asked different questions
Sita answered them with love strong
Dharma’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Brahma Gnyan’ *
Mother explained through sweet song.||2||

* Brahma Gnyan means the ultimate truth

Song 1: Essence of Life 

Lav and Kush:

Oh! Mother Sita!
How did the Creator create this Universe?
And pray! How did He evolve nature?


The first form of Lord ‘Brahma’ 1
Was pure Energy called “Om” 2
This Energy transformed by its own volition,
Into the most miraculous forms.

The millions of Stars, Moons and Planets
Is a proof of this miracle?
This cosmos extends into space infinite
And also time eternal.

The Lord chose to plant
As seed His own energy
And blessed “Mother Earth”
At a dateless age,
To nourish and enrich
This wondrous nature.
Life, then, evolved
From stage to stage.

The glorious peak
Of evolution is Man,
As if Mother Earth has, at last,
Got her child ‘Shravan’ 3
Oh! “Atman” (Soul) take this essence of life
And recognise your roots as the

Link 2:

Sita wished intensively
Lav-Kush should live successfully
In Valmiki's hermitage
Learn of ‘Dharma' at young age. ||1||

To fulfill this wish
Sita decided firmly on her part
She requested ‘Rishi Valmiki
And said to him with heart ||2||

Song 2: Request to Rishi Valmiki

Sita :

Today Oh! Guru
Take Lav – Kush in your hold
Give them right knowledge
By keeping them in your fold ||1||

Teach them the ‘Vedas
Let them learn of science
Let the holy name of ‘Rama
Always be in their remembrance ||2||

Teach them weapon-craft
Give them strength I pray
May they protect ‘Dharma
And always walk the righteous way ||3||

They are my sons Oh! Guru
But you are their guardian true
Keep them always at your feet
Imbue them with good values||4||

Link 3:

After requesting Rishi Valmiki
Sita advised Lav-Kush three years old
Spoke of the goal of life
What is spreading ‘Dharma’ she told

Song 3: Duty oriented birth of Lav – Kush

Sita :

That which supports all living beings
Gives shape to peace and prosperity
That which the saints have extolled
And is the essence of man's duty ||1||

This 'Dharma' is what you need spread
And for this you are born on earth
May you perform a tireless mission
With 'Guru's' blessings find your worth. ||2||

Link 4:

When Lav – Kush go to preceptor
Sita talks with full candour
Imbibe knowledge with concentration
Internalise through practice thorough.||1||

Mother with love for children
Called them many a sweet names dear
Baba, Munna, Gudda, Sai
Bachawa, Beta, Lav – Kush * brother ||2||

* Baba, Munna, Gudda, Sai, Bachawa, Beta
All these are pet names for children

Song 4: Learning


When your teacher speaks with love,
Imbibe thoughtfully with a goal
Oh! Devotee but remember
Lord resides in your soul. ||1||

If you see with open eyes
You can learn from fish and foal
Oh! Devotee but remember
Lord resides in your soul.||2||

Give your love to everyone
Happiness will fill your bowl
Oh! Devotee but remember
Lord resides in your soul. ||3||

Link 5:

Hearing the songs of their wise mother
Of scientific knowledge and good value
Blessed Lav – Kush memorised all
Children were filled with great virtue ||1||

Mother Sita is a wonderful teacher
Would often test what, she did impart
“What is union of Atma with Parmatma?”
One day she asked her Lav – Kush smart ||2||

Song 5: Union of Atma with Parmatma

Lav-Kush (Summarise What they have learnt) :

When mind is beyond living and non-living
And becomes free from bonds of time
When it is filled with righteous duty and God's love
That is “Union of Atma with Parmatma” sublime

1. Brahma : The supreme creator
2. OM : primordial sound and energy
3. Shravan: He was the most dutiful son of his parents.His story of love for his mother and father appears in the Indian epic Ramayana.

End of Sarg 7
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!