Chapter 6: Reunion of Rama and Sita after slaying of Ravana

Synopsis in prose form :
This chapter takes us back to the Rama-Ravana conflict and describes, in Sita’s words, very delicately, the reunion of Rama and Sita after the slaying of Ravana. Rama in this chapter spells out the subtle aspects of human duty.

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Sita was engrossed in her past memories
When her Sakhis asked her question
We have a doubt in our mind
Why did Lord kill Ravana?

Sita decided firmly
To clear the doubt of her Sakhis
Kidnapping had given birth to “Adharma” (non-righteous duties)
But victory of Rama over Ravana
Lead to re-establishment of “Dharma” (righteous duties)

Song 1: Sita Ram Reunion

Brave Hanuman brought the message
Lord Rama has become victorious
Wicked Ravana has been slain
Dharma is once again glorious ||1||

My heart is yearning to meet the Lord
I departed hurriedly to meet him
Eyes were full of joyous tears
With joy did my heart blossom ||2||

Brave Hanuman, the son of Anjani
And the countless army complete
Were standing with folded hands
When Lord stepped forth from his seat ||3||

With tearfull eyes I touched his feet
The soil with copious tears got wet
My Lord too was so happy
His throat was choked and eyes moist ||4||

Rama stood still and speechless
But His love touched my heart in abundance
“My dear Sita now there is no fear at all
At last the true 'Dharma' is victorious!” ||5||

At this sacred reunion of husband and wife
Lord seeing the ‘Vanars’ got embarrassed
To hide his embarrassment he asked
Hanuman are you very much injured?” ||6||

No Lord! I remained safe with Your name
I bore every attack in calm
Seeing the loving mother Sita
The wounds now feel like a healing balm ||7||

Victorious Hanuman knew not how to react
So full of joy was he,
Started removing sepals of “Puja” flowers
And sucking from them honey ||8||

He asked the well being of braves all
Lord Rama loved them truly
Victory of “Dharma” gave peace to all
Everyone repeated humbly ||9||

Lord helped me up with his hands
Made me sit next to him
I wiped tears with edge of my garment
My cup of joy was filled to brim ||10||

When they saw Sita-Ram seated
The "Vanars" yelled joyously
Started showering winsome flowers
Rain-laden clouds sprayed blissfully||11||

With a raised palm He bid them silent be
And calmed the voices gently
The "Vanars" they stood with folded hands
To hear Lord Rama affectionately||12||


Hark Ye’ Oh! Army of ‘Vanars’ (Ape-Men)
You have, indeed, performed a blessed deed,
Take ye’ this gift of progress,
Man shall worship you as the Monkey-God *indeed.||13||

Let not evil grow any more,
The wife of others, treat her like your mother,
Let Dharma (righteous duty) alone prosper,
May people through DUTY flower.||14||

Let all beings find sanctuary,
May spiritual knowledge lead to right conscience.
Little children, may they always find affection,
Treat elders with reverence.||15||

Be Ye’ humble to your teachers,
Drink the nectar of wisdom,
Adopt good conduct forever,
Uphold family values as solemn.||16||

Husband and wife are like two wheels of the same chariot,
Keep each other’s company as you progress spiritually,
Be ready to help the downtrodden,
Sow the seeds of good deeds perpetually. ||17||

Nature is mine and I am for nature,
Let this be in your heart and mind,
The shackles of time shall then fall asunder,
You shall meet and converse with souls sublime.||18||

Always perform ‘Sat-Karma’ (good-deeds),
People's welfare may it strike your heart's chord,
Give your life for divine plans,
Be Ye’ unified with the good Lord. ||19||

Let the above tenets for all living beings,
The basis of Dharma (Duty) form.
To spread this enlightenment,
Know Oh! Man, on earth you are born. ||20||

Sita :

Hearing the powerful, authoritative voice
The braves stood in awe silent
All of them felt blessed at heart
Their souls with Lord united ||21||

I lifted gaze to see my Lord
Saw his astral glow a flushed
In his deep ocean-like eyes
I immersed myself and blushed||22||

* Monkey-God Hanuman, one of the forest dweller - called Vanars (ape-men) - who devoutly helped Rama win over Ravana, is worshipped in India as a God. He bears the appearance of a monkey and signifies ‘Strength.’

Song 2: Moment of joy

Sita :

Hear Oh Sakhi! Hear Oh Sakhi!
My song indeed of happiness
That I got saved from Lanka
Is the love of my Lord glorious ||1||

Now I wish but for one thing
My mind be at the Lord's feet only
This joyous moment I wish
Should continue infinitely ||2||

End of Chapter 6
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!