Chapter 3: Birth of Lav and Kush

Synopsis in prose form :
Sita would remember the day in Ayodhya when she first realised that she was pregnant. She would remember how she was full of anxiety. She kept the good news a secret from everyone till she could tell it to her own husband, Lord Rama.

Alas! She got banished to the forest soon after that,
for no fault of hers.

On an auspicious day, in the hermitage of Rishi ValmikiSita gives birth to lovely twin boys. Rishi Valmiki names them as Lav and Kush. The Sakhis celebrate this occasion.

Link 1:
Fatherly love of Rishi Valmiki
Love and affection from all Sakhis
Talking to the unborn infants
Sita got courage from these ||1||

When the unborn in the womb moved
Memories arose in her heart
Sita remembered the day in Ayodhya
When she realized she was pregnant ||2||

Song 1: First Sign of my pregnancy

The first sign of my pregnancy
I recognized in my mind
For some inexplicable reason
I resolved to steal a tamarind ||1||

Palace was grand, the gardens beautiful
People happy and joyful everywhere
But my heart yearned for solitude
My mind could not rest anywhere ||2||

My heart was feeling cloistered
I had not disclosed the secret
Whom to approach how to tell
How shall I resolve my predicament ||3||

I thought of telling this little bird
And making it my confidante
The innocent bird will tell all
I waited for my husband ||4||

Link 2
At auspicious moment timely
Sita bore twins princely
Happily Valmiki beamed
Lav-Kush names lovely seemed ||1||

All hermitage congratulated her
The forest as if danced joyfully
All Sakhis were very happy
They sang and danced excitedly ||2||

Song 2: Sita has become a mother

Sakhis :

Sita has become a mother of new born infants,
She yearns all day for Rama beloved
Lav - Kush bathe in her affection all the time
She remains love lorn for Lord unmoved.

Song 3: Celebrations

Sita’s sakhis (Lady friends):

Sita and Rama’s twin children have arrived!!!
The brothers at birth copiously cried,
Do you know why? Because they are sorrowful
“Why have we been separated
From the supreme consciousness
And born on earth as mortals?”
Is their hurt pride.

But when Mother Sita breast-fed them milk,
‘She too is a manifestation of the supreme ‘,
They realised and felt pacified.

The children are lotus-eyed,
And they see the forest beauty amazed,
The peacock dances in joy,
As Sita and Rama’s twin children have arrived.

Their complexion is radiant,
They were born in yogic composure,
Even birds are chirping in happiness,
For the children are the protectors of
Dharma (Duty) and nature

Song 4: Song of Duty

Hands are given to you, Oh! children
For performing of deeds
Do good deeds ||1||

Feet are given to you
To enable you to walk
Walk on righteous path ||2||

Eyes are given to you
So that you see the world
Use them for inner sight ||3||

Ears are given to you
With intention that you hear
Hear the word of God ||4||

Tongue is given to you
For you to speak
Always speak the truth ||5||

Mind is given to you
So that you remain happy
Immerse yourself in Lord’s contemplation ||6||

Link 3
Sita sought the children smart
Pain welled up in her eyes
Rama's memory filled her heart
Sakhis heard silent cries ||1||

When Lav and Kush were born
Sita's heart hoped that day
Hearing this news of fatherhood
Lord will come straight away ||2||

Song 5: No Peace unless I meet Him

I am pinning for my Lord Rama
The night has passed away ||Refrain||

Hearing the news of birth of his twins
Lord must have in his chariot hurried
Oh! Sakhi please look outside
He may have by dawn arrived ||1||

My Lord must be fatigued
Do not tarry even a minute
Bring the rose water immediately
To wash his tired feet ||2||

For his dear Lav and Kush
Must have brought clothes abundant
For beautifying the twins
Jewellery and ornament ||3||

My eyes are very weary
Pining for Lord Rama
That He's come is illusory
I've no peace unless I meet Him ||4||

Song 6: Pining Sita

Mother of Lav - Kush is exhausted
Pining for her Lord
How will He come I say
He resides in Sita's heart

End of Chapter 3
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!