Chapter 25: Appearance of the Empowered Sita

Synopsis in prose form :
Rama is filled with awe at the sight of the empowered Sita and instantly the mystery is resolved. He recognizes Lav and Kush as his own children born to Sita.
But now Sita is no longer his weak wife. She has transformed
SITA’s eyes are full of devotion for her Lord, but she has the
strength to stand back in detachment from Him. As she breathes, the trees of the forest dance in tune. Her voice is powerful due to tapascharya (penance).
Sita has a calm composure and she walks with her head held
high, as she has fulfilled her dharma (duty) of being mother to the princes.
The fact is that Sita is no longer just a mother of two children but a ‘Jagat janani’ (Divine Mother of all creation) who looks upon all living beings with love and affection.
On seeing this empowered ‘Divine Mother’ form of Sita, there
is a surge of admiration in the hearts of all soldiers and common people of Ayodhya who have come to witness the event.
A wonderful picture emerges when Sita uses the auspicious lamp in her hand to perform Arati (worship) of RAMA and Rama sings a ‘Sita Stuti’, i.e., Ode in praise of Sita.
Eventually, Rama, in a way, expresses the sentiment of all the
people by singing this ode and prays to Sita to come and reside in His heart.
In this way Sita, representing the womankind in general, emerges as the all-powerful timeless Divine Mother of the human race.

Song 1: Appearance of the Empowered Sita.

Roaring of the tigress bold
Filled the brave with fear untold
Mother Sita then appeared
With heads bowed the soldiers stood ||1||

She had ‘Pooja’ conch in hand
In right hand was worship lamp
Peacock, swan ,birds, mother cow
And the tigress formed her camp ||2||

The trees swayed to her breath
A sweet tune fills the air
She's dressed fully in white attire
With flowers in her hair ||3||

She wore auspicious ornaments
"Sindoor" on forehead shone
She wore "Bichhoova" toe-rings
Every step was a dance done ||4||

"Lav – Kush" quoth Sita gently
With eyes alone gestured firmly
They who vanquished army mighty
Touched her feet with humility||5||

Devotional eyes she could not hide
Mother's love aura aglow
Aloof she stood yet with self-pride
Ascetic power voice did show ||6||

Radiance of knowledge had dawned
Truthful seedling as if did sprout
Summit of courage and grace
Peace lighted her face devout ||7||

By facing difficult moments
She made her family proud
She fulfilled her Dharma - Karma
Was with courage endowed||8||

Filled with truth, work-devotion
Sita walked with head held high
She stopped on a higher ground
Rama looked with a wondrous eye. ||9||

She looked at everyone with love
Divine mother of all beings
Soldiers stood with folded hands
To hear from Lord they kept waiting||10||

A wonder occured presently
Sita worshipped Rama her Lord
The conch she blew devoutly
Overwhelmed Lord sang her ode. ||11||

*"Sindoor" is the vermillion filled in the parting of hair of a women as a sign that she is married.
"Bichhoova" is the toe-ring worn by married women.

Song 2 : Sita Stuti (Ode In Praise Of Sita)


Oh! Divine woman,
Consort of the supreme Brahma,
You are the incarnation
of the primordial sound OM,
You have indeed manifested with several names,
Aditi, Usha, Pusha,
Wakk, Mahi, Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge)…

Prithvi”, the Mother Earth
Laxmi’, the Goddess of auspicious inspirations,
Gauri’, the consort of Lord Shiva,
Janaki”, the consort of Lord Rama,
Katyayini, Manasa, Durga, Kali,
Chandi, Vimala, Maheshwari
Bhuvaneshwari, Subhadra,
Tulaja, Amba ,Jogeshwari,
Chaturshringi, Saptashringi,
Renuka ,Mahalaxmi.
Meenakshi, Vaishnodevi,
And many other powerful incarnations are but you
Oh! Divine woman….
Consort of supreme Brahma, I pay obeisance to you.

You have infinite number of names,
You dwell in the several
Beautiful forms of all women.
You are endowed with
All the nature’s wealth.
The cosmos
Is but your expression
Oh! Divine woman
Consort of supreme Brahma,I pay obeisance to you.

You are infinite in time
You are "Swayam-bhu"
All poetry and sculptures will fall short
For you are your own effulgence.

The infinite space
And the countless stars
It holds
Are but your sparkling ornaments
You are indeed the mother of
The evolution of life on earth.
Oh! Divine woman
Consort of supreme Brahma,I pay obeisance to you.

Shakti (Energy), Bhakti (devotion),
Mukti (salvation),
Are the three Gunas (virtues)
That adorn you,

Oh! Sita , the empowered woman,
Please come
And reside in my heart
Oh! Divine woman
Consort of supreme Brahma,I pay obeisance to you.

*Swayam-bhu" means self-manifested

End of Chapter 25 and the anthology
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!