Chapter 23: Encouragement

Song 1: Sacred Dreams

Lav Kush

Mother !How to build beautiful dreams?

Inspire everyone in the land
To harbour a pure vision,
Light the incense of dreams
In your own heart to envision .

Its fragrance will then
Slowly spread afar
Like-minded people
You'll find many there are.

Song 2: New Turn


Oh! Devotee, give spiritualism
A new turn immediately.

Peruse the pages of scriptures,
Slowly and with care
Whatever is good in them
Learn well and share.

Thoughts that’ve lost relevance
Leave them ever so gently,
New garments of hope
Put them on very quickly

Song 3: Life essence


Oh my sons, I am telling you
Always respect your teacher.
If mountains of sorrow trouble you
Learn and be braver ||1||

Life is conflux of essences
It includes bitter ones
But keep your words sweet
And win people of all zones ||2||

Song 4: The Divine Work


Why are you sad my soul of the mortal bonds?
Only when the wick burns,
The lamp shall radiate
When you do divine work
Bonds evaporate.

Song 5: Success Is Yours


Step forth with courage,
Oh! Children of Mother Earth.

In all the four directions,
In space, time and new horizons,
Success will be yours,

Oh! Children of Mother Earth,
Step forth with courage.

Song 6: Team work


This world is temple of the Lord,
There is none other
Work is worship know ye
Team up with one another.

End of Chapter 23
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!