Chapter 22: Teachings for the princes

Synopsis in prose form :
By now Lav and Kush are grown up. Sita decides to give them
knowledge and wisdom of how to be a good ruler. She encourages them to build a beautiful Bharat (India) that shall be a dream for mankind.

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Lav – Kush had reached adoloscence
They should achieve their goal
Hence Sita thought of giving them
Knowledge of ruler's role.

Song 1: Mother India


The land of my Mother is truly a shrine,
I salute Her again and again in my mind

She is crowned by the Himalayas
The holy Ganges garlands her,
Her feet are gently washed,
By three mighty oceans forever.

Civilizations flourish here,
She fore-bears Love and Peace
As She has fore-borne the Vedas
And several saints and sages.

It is the great fortune of this land
Lord himself descends from above,
For to all the living beings
She gives Mother’s love.

Incarnation she is of timeless Divinity,
She is Shakti , Bhakti ,and Mukti
She is the embodiment of knowledge and duty,
She is Mother India, our land of beauty.

The land of my Mother is truly a shrine,
I salute Her again and again in my mind.

* Shakti implies energy, Bhakti signifies devotion and Mukti means salvation or freedom

Song 2 : Truthful


Oh Sakhis! Have you been to sacred places?
If your heart is not truthful
Even if you see them in thousands
The pilgrimages are not fruitful.

Song 3: Guidance for becoming rulers 

Society and people’s development
Oh sons! Is dependant upon you
To fulfill these correctly
Knowledge you must accrue ||1||

Always think of common citizens
Seek counsel of the wise
Consider their thoughts
And your own plans devise ||2||

Work in selfless manner
Be positive on your part
Let God provide resources
Let His name be in your heart ||3||

Respect nature and society
And your body's physical need
Eat food of good origin
Pure mind will then succeed ||4||

It is for a ruler
To know many a themes
Always seek knowledge
By learning several streams||5||

In journey seek good friends
Argue not with any unknown man.
Pray at local shrines
Tell deities your work plan ||6||

Keep worthy colleagues
Happy and satisfied
Food, water, shelter, fame
Is their need dignified||7||

Requisites of their roles
Is your duty to provide
When you take care of them
They serve you with pride ||8||

When you call a forum,
Know thought of every member,
Weave it like a garland
For the Gods remember. ||9||

Let this be your felicity*
People’s welfare be supreme
Believe in inner strength
Fulfill your nation's dream ||10||

*felicity: happiness

Song 4: People's Development


The veins do their jobs,
Carry blood for your health
If a demon cuts the veins,
You will bleed to death.

The Ruler channels wealth,
For the poor people’s growth
If a demon grabs the money,
The nation bleeds to death.

End of Chapter 22
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!