Chapter 21: Yagnya for benefit of Children

Synopsis in prose form :
Yagnya means worhsip and offering to the holy-fire.
Even though Sita is very busy in the upbringing of her children, she keeps pining in her heart for her husband Lord Rama. Once, late into the night, after the Children are asleep, Sita sings a deeply moving song, pining for her Lord. Her cry is so intense, that Lord Rama has to appear in His astral form to meet her.
On realising Sita’s anguish, Lord Rama asks her forgiveness
explaining that their separation was needed in order to bring certain virtues of Kingship to mankind by Him.
However to atone for His shortfall as a parent in the present ‘Avatar’ (divine incarnation), he gives verses of how the youth should be encouraged to be enterprising in life.This and more here...

Song 1: You are my life


You are my life
You are my soul
You Oh! Rama
Are my only goal.

Your memories keep flooding
The night is so deep
I am awake yearning
While the kids sleep.

Lav – Kush are
Like moon and star
They sing your songs
Still you are unaware ||1||

Where there is light
There is a shadow
How can I your consort
Live without your glow.

In my eternal world
In your brief incarnation
I seek your audience
Without an expectation ||2||

Your devotees are countless
May they all be blessed
I am the unfortunate
The better – half you wed.

I am like the earth
You are the boundless sky
Please accept me Oh Lord!
By hearing my yearning cry ||3||

Song 2: The astral form of Lord Rama

Sita's intense and pining call
Makes Rama come in form astral
Blessed felt the strength giving consort
Saluted the Lord in her heart and soul ||1||

Rama in turn Sita greeted
Your resentment is indeed accepted
Full of pain is my heart
Call of duty kept us separated||2||


The virtues of our incarnations divine
Should appear crystal clear
For welfare of the people
I have sacrificed ourselves dear||3||

The king is first of his people
And then his family they say
Nobody should have any doubt
That’s why I kept you away ||4||

I'm lonely after separating from you
The palace begrieved too
Every one of the kingdom is in sorrow
My mind is always near you ||5||

But towards you and dear sons
My love is in great bounty
Only regret in this incarnation
I've not done fatherly duty ||6||

Forgive me I if you can
Repentant before you I stand
To atone in life my shortfall
To parents let's extend a hand ||7||

Song 3: Social Encouragement for Entrepreneurship Development

Lord Rama and Sita:

Elders, parents, guardians, teachers,
You can be society’s protectors.
When the youth make positive efforts,
Encourage them to try better. ||1||

When a girl or boy is born,
God with several gifts will shower,
Seek these out and nurture them,
So that they will further flower. ||2||

To some He gives art and craft,
Intellect or strength to some,
Storehouse of virtues divine,
Is His boon to everyone. ||3||

When children leave the beaten track,
And do other works auspicious,
Recognise these as footprints,
Of a future enterprise.||4||

Encourage the child to have an aim,
To always work with committed efforts,
To have confidence in oneself,
And to achieve glorious heights.||5||

Spiritualism and industriousness,
Where they dwell in harmony,
There will blossom Enterprise,
In progressively good forms many.||6||

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Sita’s mind started dancing
Thinking that dreams also come true
She forgot the pains of separation
Let us lead a life anew||1||

She kept on talking with her Lord
Telling what their kids wonder
At seven years old, they ask big questions
What is 'Anhad' * I cannot answer.

Song 4 : Anahad


There are colours
Other than the basic seven colours
There are musical notes
Other than the basic seven notes ||1||

Om Keshavaya Namaha
Om Narayana Namaha
Om Sachidananday Namaha **

Beyond the waking, sleep and meditative state
Beyond all limits of comprehension
There are colours and tunes in the universe
This whole phenomena know is 'Anhad' ||2||

*'Anhad' literally means that which is beyond limits of man
**Om Keshavaya Namaha
Om Narayana Namaha
Om Sachidananday Namaha **
The above are salutations to the names of God 'Keshav', 'Narayana', and 'Sachidanand'

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The fire place was sanctified
Holy twigs she did ignite
Lord and Sita sat beside
Chants and blessings to recite

Song 5 : Yagnya Mantra (Chant to the Holy Fire)

Synopsis in prose form :

Sita and Rama then together perform the holy Yagnya (worship of fire) for Peace and Happiness of Lav, Kush and all children. Sita lit the Yagnya (holy fire). She offered in it dry leaves, small wooden pieces, camphor, butter and other items.

Sita repeated the holy mantra (chant), often referred to as the
Gayatri Mantra, followed by prayer for blessings to the children. All the while they kept making offerings into the Yagnya, at short intervals of time...

After the above Yagnya, Rama goes to His sleeping children and kisses them lovingly on the forehead .He leaves Tulsi
(sacred basil) leaves in their tender palms.

Just then, Sita comes out of her reverie and realizes that the astral form of Rama has vanished into thin air, and that actually she is all alone in the hermitage. The only thing around in the hermitage is the eerie light and shade created by the tongues of flames from the Yagnya fire, while her children are fast asleep.

Sita now feels cheated by her husband Rama. But Lav & Kush
tell her a surprising tale next morning.

Rama and Sita:

OM ! Bhurhbhuvah Swaha
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayaat

Oh! God, You are our creator and succour
We live by your grace,
You are the remover of sorrow,
Your effulgence pours
Into every nook and corner.
Every bit of creation, is a manifestation of
Your presence.
As we meditate on You, Oh! Lord,
We pray for your benevolence
Bless our intellect so that
We walk
An enlightened path.

And, Oh! Lord, Bless our children:
May they have wisdom,
May they do good deeds,
May they follow the right path,
May they have good thoughts,
May they have good friends,
May they have long life,
May they be truthful,
May they do righteous enterprise

Oh! Lord, bless our children with all this 
for peace and happiness.

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Completing the ‘Yagnya
Lord near his lads did stand
Lovingly kissed their forehead
Left Tulsi in their hand ||1||

Astral form of Lord then vanished
Sita came out of her trance
Eerie silence fell upon her
Flames alone did the dance ||2||

Song 6: The Pain of Separation

“Lord has forgotten me!”
The love-lorn devotee says,
“I shall never think of Him again”,
Yet she rushes back and prays.
God is an Ocean of love,
Yet He too pines for affection,
And when the devotee gives
Love to the poor and forsaken,
The pain
Is healed,
For then,
The Lord Himself feels loved.

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Disenchanted Sita
Did Fitfully sleep and weep
Got up with a start
Kids shook her out of sleep||1||

"We heard new Chants in dream
On waking we found this in palm"
Sita's heart started beating wildly
Therein were basil leaves of Rama.||2||

End of Chapter 21
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!