Chapter 20: Truthful labour

Synopsis in prose form :
The children Lav and Kush always watched with wonder while their mother Sita performed Pooja i.e. daily worship and prayers. She would sing hymns to them while performing Pooja; hymns of love for God and hymns of worldly knowledge as well. On one such occasion, she explains to them about truthful labour and prosperity.

Lav – Kush:

Mother! What is the importance of Truthful Labour?

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Sita worshipped God daily
She sang hymns
Lav – Kush saw her with curiosity
They also worshipped Him ||1||

Sita told good things
When kids joined ‘Pooja’ with her
She explained to them
The importance of truthful labour ||2||

* ‘Pooja’ means worship

Song 1: Truthful Labour


Bells on toes, Bracelets in hands
Shouldn't never be to show away.
Let good thoughts, befitting steps
True Labour in hands be pray||1||

Morsel in mouth
Ointment in eyes
Shouldn't be of any bad deed.
But Lord’s name on lips
His image in your heart
Oh dear friends always do heed ||2||

Song 2: Prosperity


Some offer prayers,
Some try to be wise.
One who humbles himself
The Lord will be his.

Who can give anything?
Who can receive anything?
The Almighty Lord !!
Everything is His.

He has given intellect,
Your deeds you must purify,
When you can add value
Your wealth will multiply.

Song 3: Ability of work

Sita, what do 'Shabari's' offering really tell,
When Lord Rama and you in forest stayed
On the edge of beautiful ‘Pampa’ lake
Shabri, worshipped Rama and prayed.
She collected countless wild barrows
Tasted them for those were sweet
And offered only tasty fruits
At worthy Rama's feet.


In one's communication, in production
In every work throughout the day
You should bring in such good 'Qualities'
That even Lord will faith display.

Song 4: Purification of Life 


It is not too late even now,
Oh!My devotee beloved...
To turn your steps
On the path of the Lord!!

Source of the river is pure spring
So also ,life starts as a pure being.

When water gets muddied on its journey,
With alum crystals you can render it clear
If life be sinful by indiscretion,
With good deeds ,you can make it pure.

End of Chapter 20
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!