Chapter 2: Sweet Memories

Link 1
Sita pregnant with Rama's heir
Lost in memories of long ago
Her face glowed with a smile
Narrating incidence of Shiva's bow

Song 1: Auspicious Day

Sakhi!* The auspiciosus day had came
When I saw Lord Rama
I lost my heart to Him
Music echoed in the kingdom||1||

Every corner was decorated
Like flowers in full blossom
Many a princes had came
But Lord Rama alone filled my bosom ||2||

The Lord was radiant full of energy
In a moment he broke the Shiva’s bow
A deafening sound indeed was heard
Lightening seemed to strike a glow ||3||

Friend! My heart blossomed
Started beating in Lord Rama’s name
Said Lord Rama, Lord Rama
Said Lord Rama, Lord Rama ||4||

*Sakhi = lady friend

Link 2:
Sita remembered Lord in her mind
Janakpuri* in the forest materialized
Her face was glowing with Rama’s love
Even Sakhis and the forest smiled ||1||

Sakhis in Valmiki Ashram
Asked many a things of Sita
Sakhi said “How you felt,
When you wed Lord Rama” ||2||

*Janakpuri = Kingdom of King Janak, the father of Sita

Song 2 : Sita - Rama in Janakpur

How happy the child is
To find its lost object
Not for a moment also
Will it let go of it ||1||

So also when I married the Lord
My heart did in happiness bloom
As if it found its long lost love
And held on to it firm ||2||

When we came out of the palace
Completing our wedding ceremony
On the paths of Janakpuri
Was happiness and harmony ||3||

The path was decorated
With lively garlands everywhere
"Married ladies"* stood on sides
With articles of worship and flower ||4||

We started walking on the path
I kept in step with my Lord,
My Sakhis kept showering blessings
Of colorful petals and flowers ||5||

But while walking with the Lord
I felt embarrassed and shy
As unknowingly He was holding
My little finger helplessly ||6||

* Married ladies are referred as Suhagans and their presence
is considered auspicious at any happy function

Link 3:
As Sita chatted with her Sakhis
Reminisced on Rama everyday
Her heart felt very much pacified
Pain of separation withered away ||1||

But when again she is alone
Tears well up in eyes forlon
Day by day increased the sorrow
Her heart always sang this song ||2||

Song 3: Pining for the Lord’s feet

Oh! Will someone please
Take me to my Lord,
Just help me see Him
And sing this ode. ||1||

He has such loving eyes,
He is effulgent,
His voice is so dear,
He has a large heart,
He is indeed handsome,
Skilled in many an art. ||2||

Just anyone, please bring me
His news sweet
Please, will someone take me
To His sacred feet? ||3||

Song 4: Lord has forsaken me

Alas! My Lord has not come
What work has engaged Him
That he forgets this home? ||1||

What sins have I done
That Lord Rama has forsaken me ||2||

What deeds did I do
That my Lord punisheth me ||3||

Lord Rama will never forget me
This thought indeed is an illusion ||4||

End of Chapter 2
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!