Chapter 19: Lord’s Universe

Song 1: I see You!

Lav – Kush:

I see You Oh Lord!
In flowers, in leaves, incorporal and non-corporal
In answers and even in questions.

I see You Oh Lord!
In forest, in gardens, in every living thing
In darkness and even in brightness.

I see You Oh Lord!

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Seeing mother in front of him
Kush became a little embarassed
He said sweetly Oh Mother!
This is what you told us ||1||

Sita patted his back with love
Smiled and told her dear kids
Lord’s Universe is marvellous
Hear this truth dear ernest brothers||2||

Lav and Kush:
Mother! What exactly is the Lord’s Universe?

Song 2: My Lord’s House


My Lord’s house is astounding!

Its ceiling is deep blue
The stars are its chandeliers,
But man’s Human Kindness,
Provides it strength as pillars

With gifts of five elements
(Fire, water, earth, sky and air)
My Lord’s house is decorated,
Truth, Duty, Love and Peace,
Are bricks O‘ which it is constructed.

Song 3: Give a hand


Know what is there in Lord’s mind
By recognising it in His 'eyes of manifestation'
Play your role without expectation
Realise the fulfillment of your life

Song 4: God’s work


When the right time comes
The devotee immerses himself in God
He unifies with Him
By surrendering to the Lord ||1||

After unifying with Him
He never goes astray
Only the work of God
He does everyday ||2||

Song 5: Lord's manifestation


Even if a man
Puts on many a guise,
The faithful dog can always,
His own Master recognize.

Through nature in many forms,
The Lord himself shows,
Oh! You ignorant man,
Your eyes, why do you close?

Song 6 : Call


The lisping of a child
Always attracts its mother,
No matter if it be clear
Or full of gabble and chatter.

So also you can address God
By any name or hymn,
As long as your call
Is full of love for Him.

And where devotion is complemented
By a sense of human duty,
There, God will Himself
Dwell in every activity.

Song 7 : Pure Heart


Like gold remains pure
For all times to behold,
So also make sure,
Your heart is in His fold,

The goldsmith knows best,
How to make a pretty ornament,
The Lord too, Oh! Devotee,
Will shape you every moment.

Song 8: Human Kindness


Air is a gift of the Creator
Its respiration gives “Life” to all of us,
Let goods deeds, thoughts and conduct,
Be its resultant milk of human kindness.

Truth, Duty, Love and Peace,
Courage, Bravery and Talent,
Let these in turn be your gifts,
To fellow youth every moment.

Song 9 : Naughty Lav - Kush


My Lav – Kush are very naughty
They change their guise every moment

Lav pretends himself to be me
Cleaning, decorating and worshiping  
He does all work which I do
Both of them also do cooking ||1||

Then Lav gathers my Sakhis
He sings songs to them as I do
Sometimes he enacts other things
Entertains all who care to view ||2||

He imitates me perfectly
Who would say “he is just kid kind”
You can be God incarnate
If you resolve so in your mind ||3||

Song 10 : Lesson 

Lav – Kush:

Mother! Now we understood
Mind should always be pure
Thoughts always effulgent
Then in life we can endure

To the Lord’s Universe
We will devote ourself
And will never get swayed
From our “Dharma” itself

End of Chapter 19
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!