Chapter 18: Sat-Guru (Great Master)

Lav and Kush:
Friends, acquaintances and elders
Give us good education,
Then why is a Sat-Guru (Great Master) required
And how to recognise Him?

Song 1: Sat-Guru (Great Master)


One who craves not an iota of wealth,
Or even a petal of flower.
One who is not infatuated
By any man, woman or power.

One who only immerses himself or herself,
In alleviation of human miseries of the world.
One who shows the path of Truth
And guides you to the love of Lord.

Oh devotee! Salute such a person
And touch his or her feet reverentially forever.
For indeed He or She is
The ‘Sat-Guru’, the Great Master.

Song 2: Love for devotee


The Sat-Guru loves his disciple;
As a cow loves it’s calf selflessly.
Oh! Devotee know this for sure,
But be dedicated to your duty,

When you stand, sit, walk or roam,
Laugh, speak, arise or sleep
Who regulates your breath?
Can you perceive?

It is God indeed, God indeed,
He loves all beings,
Be they of human,
Animal, birds or plant species.

Song 3: Hermitage Environs


In the Valmiki Ashram
Before even the sun rise
The sound waves spread everywhere
Of " Aum" and Vedic chants wise ||1||

The atmosphere is very ‘Sanskari’*
May Lav-Kush be imbued with it.
Let both of them remain pure
May they strength divine emit ||2||

*‘Sanskari’ means one that gives good values

Song 4: Boat


Guru has given boat of knowledge
Give it the sail of Lord Rama's name
Sat-Guru is your boatswain
Remember always the Lord's name.

When one is attached to "Brahma Gnyan"
Then one can cross the life's Ocean
When Sat-Guru shows the right path
The lost pilgrim finds right direction.

*"Brahma Gnyan" means the supreme knowledge

Song 5: Sat-Guru‘s Nectar of Wisdom


As a child did you not yearn
For the love of your mother?
So also, the Atman (soul) is attracted by
Parmatman (God)
In a way somewhat similar

When a youth is adolescent,
A storm rages in his heart.
Do not people wisened,
Advise and help him out?
On the path of spiritual development,
When my steps falter and sway
Helps me find my way.

Song 6: Inner Virtue


At the doorsteps of temple
Sit the devotees
Wearing the saffron coloured dress
Which tradition decrees ||1||

The attire is decided
As per one’s work done
But most important thing is
The inner virtue of each one ||2||

Song 7: The virtues of a saint    


The dogs are very loving
They give protection through night
Even if nobody asks
During the day what's their plight||1||

Such is the virtue of saints
Several people they have evolved
Even if people don't appreciate
After their problem is resolved ||2||

Song 8: The eternal creeper of good deeds


As the beautiful flower in garden
Brings joy and looks awesome
In the same way Oh dear friends!
Let devotion blossom ||1||

When fruits are borne on branch
Flowers themselves wilt away
When the creeper of good deeds grows
The saint will go away ||2||

Song 9: World Family

The tree bears on its head
The heat of the Sun,
But it gives a cool shade
To the passing caravan.

One who says in this way?
The world is my family
He must bear difficulties
To bring in harmony.

Song 10: How will we see the Sat-Guru

Lav and Kush:

Will I get an audience
With the Great Master?
This thought worries me,
How will the difficult road,
To His abode be traversed?


Indeed, by bearing the flag
Of goodwill for all,
While remembering to fulfill one’s duty,
And at the same time,
Not having attachment that is illusory.

Song 11: The Lord is there,and my soul is here


Would my loving Lord come
To take us all home? ||Refrain||

Lav – Kush are five years old now
The twins are very cute. ||1||

In shadow of the tree Rama will stop
My little ones and I will be at the doorstep.||2||
Would ......

He would be standing anxiously
He would call to His children.||3||
Would ........

Lav – Kush will hug me
The kids will ask, who is He? ||4||
Would ..........

You are the sons, He is your father
Mutely will speak my tears. ||5||
Would ..............

Come and live in the palaces
He will say entreatingly. ||6||
Would ...........

Mother we like this forest
We are happy playing here. ||7||
Would ............

My Lord is there and my soul here
I would be in a quandary. ||8||
Would .............

Link 1:

When pining of separation is amid lovers
The light of gentle love appears in the heart
When Atma is attracted towards Parmatma
The wave of devotion arises in the heart.

Song 12: Great Master as Guru-Maooli

Lav-Kush :

One who loves you but remains as a shadow
'How will my flock progress spiritually'
Is the only concern he has in mind forever
He indeed is a Sat-Guru Maooli

He gives you a boat of guiding words
Will serve mankind for ages very valuably
His heart is both of father and mother
He is indeed a Sat-Guru Maooli*.

*Sat-Guru Maooli means the Great Master with love of both a mother and father in his heart

End of Chapter 18
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!