Chapter 17: Destroying Arrogance

Synopsis in prose form :

Like any other children, Lav and Kush also fight with each other, in arrogance, as to who is superior among the two of them. Sita does not fail to discipline them like any other good mother.

Link 1:
Lav – Kush and their friends
Used to pray in the evening
Sita and her Sakhis, in the hermitage
Used to chat together sitting ||1||

At one time Lav – Kush's mother
And others were all sitting
They were discussing various topics
But Lav –Kush were missing ||2||

I am the best, I am elder to you
The twins are fighting together
On this they are quarreling
One of their friends told her ||3||

Sita herself went and saw
Both of them fighting intensely
She called them in front of all
And told them very tersely ||4||

Song 1 : Who is the Best?

Who claims “I can see
Better than all the People “
Can you at all see?
Farther than the eagle?
Ha..Ha..Ho..Ho..Hee…Hee (soft laughter of the Mother)

Who claims “My sense of smell
Is better than the rest “
Can you at all catch the smell,
A humble dog can scent?
Ha..Ha..Ho..Ho..Hee… Hee

Who claims “I can cook
Delicacies galore “
Can you make ambrosial
Honey of the flower?
Ha..Ha..Ho..Ho..Hee… Hee

Who claims “I can hear
Better than him or her”
Can you match the Blue-Whale
In subtle sounds it can hear?
Ha..Ha..Ho..Ho..Hee… Hee

Who claims “I can fly
And keep flying away”
Can you catch the soul departed?
That flies into the Milky Way?

I salute you all in love
Oh! Brothers, sisters, dear,
Who is then the best of all?

(Lav and Kush say with 
friends assembled:)

"It’s our Mother Nature!"

Song 2: Stamping Arrogance

Sita :

By stamping the mud
The potter makes pots neat
Oh! God by stamping my Ego
Give me devotion at your feet

Song 3 : Rebirth


When I saw divine Mother,
She put to death my arrogance,
My heart felt peaceful,
As She blessed me to be born again,

This rebirth is painful,
I am asked to lose attachment,
My mind be focussed on Her,
Hands do good deeds every moment.

Oh! God, I pray at your feet
Let me learn to enjoy this rebirth so sweet

Link 2

Listening to knowledge from mother
The brothers made a new start
Sita taught to eschew arrogance
Lord's devotion filled their heart

Song 4 : Prayer (for children)

Lav and Kush:

Oh God!! Give us strength abundant,
May we serve you every moment.
My heart lamp of worship fine,
Reciting your name makes it shine

My father, mother and teacher,
Are all but your forms, Oh! Creator,
I will respect them and learn,
So that knowledge, I can earn.

Link 3:

Hearing the prayers of her kids
Sita was pleased to see the trend
At that time mother said
Always consider God as friend

Song 5 : Saviour


Your ship is caught in a whirlpool,
Who will be your Saviour?
You indulged only in bodily joys,
And know not where you are!

Fill your mind with love,
Let the Lord be your navigator,
Give your heart and soul to good deeds,
And the good Lord always remember.

Song 6: Humbleness


The burning sun
Is dangerous to eyesof people present
But when it is behind the clouds
That scene is very pleasant ||1||

So also the wise people
They never radiate arrogance
They give eternal happiness to world
By covering themselves with humbleness||2||

Song 7 : The Director

Sita :

The flame of work you are lighting,
There are many more brighter suns than that.
The path on which you are treading
There are many other paths than that
Remember the Lord Almighty
Who is the'Director' of this world.

Link 4

Now Lav – Kush understood very well
Ego only destroys everything
They decided firmly to discard arrogance
Prayed for forgiveness and blessing.

Song 8: Prayer to forgive

Lav – Kush:

If we walk on wrong path
Oh Mother! Please forgive us

If we do wrong deeds
Oh Mother! Please forgive us

If we speak wrong words
Oh Mother! Please forgive us

If we see things wrongly
Oh Mother! Please forgive us

If we hear something wrong
Oh Mother! Please forgive us

We devote our senses to You
Oh Mother! We salute You

End of Chapter 17
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !Om Shanti !