Chapter 16: Atma-Shakti (Spiritual strength)

Lav and Kush:

Mother! What is soul?
What is spiritual strength? How can one attain it?

Song 1 : SOUL 


Know that the Soul is divine
It takes bodily forms of many a beauty.
It is the body, which perishes
But the soul merges into infinity.

Song 2 : Yearning

A large mango tree hides in a small seed,
Infinite knowledge in the soul is concealed,
When it rains, the seedling sprouts,
When one yearns, knowledge is revealed.

Song 3: Introspection


Why is Introspection necessary ?


When the larva encapsulates,
Emerges a pretty butterfly,
When one introspects,
Knowledge flowers profusely.

Song 4: Varied species

The water drops are countless
So are the types of species
When one does good deeds
One realises this expanse.

Song 5 : Spiritual Strength


God has given you spiritual strength,
Use it to serve Him every day,
By helping all beings,
In the most modest way.

Song 6 : Spiritual Development
Message of Atma – Vikas (Spiritual Development) to the tribal couple

Sita: (to her Sakhis)

I will tell you an incident
Different tribes came one of the days
They were homely, simple and innocent
They lived their life in various ways ||1||

Tribal people:

Mother! We are illiterate
We don’t have any knowledge
Children and our family
Is the life we trudge||2||

Then how should we do “Yoga
And concentrate on Lord
Oh Mother! Please tell us
To develop soul and ward? ||3||


Every mango tree has fruits
In every mango there is seed
Every human a fruit of nature
Bears too the spiritual seed ||4||

Do work like it's God's bidding
Love Him with innocent bliss
Your soul harbours strength
In peace like space soundless ||5||

Tribal people:

Oh Mother! Please tell us more
We are already feeling blessed
Advise us some path by which
Wife and husband can progress||6||

Husband and wife are wheels of chariot
Progress in mystique
Married couples love each other
Union of souls to seek.

The bangles in hands of bride
Are symbols of 'Truth' and “Dharma
The sound of these night and morn
Is music of “Lord Brahma” ||8||

Apply red vermilion to the fore-head
Energise centre of knowledge within
The infant in mother's lap sees the "bindi"
Its unsteady eyes to focus begin||9||

When it sees the tears of happiness
In is mother's eyes kind
The infant emerges from depression
Of separation from 'Brahma' in mind||10||

Tribal people (emotionally):

Oh Mother! Yes Mother!
Oh Mother! Yes Mother!
Oh Mother! Yes Mother!
Oh Mother! Yes Mother! ||11||

Sita :

You find holy trees in the forest
Like 'Bel' , 'Audumbar', 'Tulsi'
Dry their leaves and light them
And worship 'Yagnya' holy ||12||

Together you should then pray
For the well-being of children all
Talk sweetly with each other
Shlokas” shall life enthral ||13||

Truth, Dharma, Love and Peace
Let this in your heart be blissfully
Know you're Shiva and wife is 'Shakti'
Then you'll develop spiritually ||14||

*Bindi is the small circular applicaton of red vermillion on the forehead by Indian women.
Bel,Audumbar, Tulsi are all plants considered holy.
'Tulsi' mean sacred basil
'Yagnya' means holy fire
'Shlokas' means holy verses

Song 7: Good company


In the travelers lodge
Depending on the guest
Those people assemble
Who have the same quest ||1||

Body is house of virtues
Shelter those of good power
The divine'll manifest in you
'Satsangis" will visit every hour. ||2||

*'Satsangi' means people of good conduct

Song 8: Stream of Truth


The pure Ganga flows murmuring
From the Himalayas and through forest
Rejuvenating life of all the people
Who live on the shores of it ||1||

People take the water in small vessels
As an object devotional
So too the stream of 'Infinite Truth'
Flows in everybody eternal ||2||

Song 9: Manifestation of 'Spiritual strength'


The exquisite diamond shines in the crown of Lord
The rays of sun into it surge
A game of reflections and images takes place
The colours of spectrum then emerge ||1||

You gather many 'capabilities' in several lives
These are encapsulated in the diamond of the soul
When expansive devotion occupies the heart
Colours of “Atma Shakti” *emerge||2||

* "Atma Shakti" means spiritual strength

Song 10: Form of “Jeev Atma

Lav – Kush:

The medicinal herbs are mixed together
They are wrapped with decorative cover
This cover is given a good name
But the herb is health achiever||1||

When the medicine is finished
Does anyone eat the cover?
Then why does the mind wander?
And always praise the cover? ||2||

We should recognize the truth
That life is only because of “Jeev Atma
By spreading love every moment
One can become a "Mahatma" ||3||

* “Jeev Atma” means life giving soul
"Mahatma" means a realised soul

End of Chapter 16
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!