Chapter 14: Sat-Karma (Good Deeds)

Synopsis in prose form :
Lav and Kush: Mother! What is Sat-Karma (good deed)? How shall we perform it and how can it multiply?

Song 1: Strive for Good Deeds


Remember first the Lord Almighty,
Who for all in life provides.
By devoting self to duty,
Strive ever for deeds of pride.

Song 2: Characteristics of Sat-Karma


Consider every one as your own,
Do deeds in service of society,
Then paths to good deeds 
will indeed be known easily.

Be peaceful and happy,
Keep the Lord in your heart,
Recite the name of the Lord,
Take up only auspicious acts.

Then the Divine shall
Open the path of knowledge,
This is what characterises good deeds.

Song 3 : The Heart of good deeds


Millions of butterflies
Visit flowers and treetops.
For the farmers’ hard work
They give bountiful crops.

Has anyone ever
Paid these butterflies?
Though they’ve served man
For many many a lives!

This itself is proof
Of God’s love for you.
He indeed is the Heart
Of good deeds you do.

Song 4 : Arrows of good deeds

Sita :

Take the bow of Lord's name
Establish relation with the Lord
Release the arrows of good-deeds.
Understand the essence of this world

Song 5: Work of Lord

Lav - Kush :

Let us all , do the work of the Lord

See what wonders Lord has done
In your eyes He has put His light
When you do good deeds
His love will your heart ignite

Link 1 :

Lav-Kush on hearing Sita, understood
One should pray to God regularly
There should always be ‘Dharma’ in mind
Sat-karma’ should be the aim only

Song 6: Eternal peace

Lav and Kush: (each realising the value of good deeds)

Oh! I see,
One who always does good deeds,
One who is always truthful,
He alone shall enjoy
peace of mind eternal

End of Chapter 14
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti