Chapter 13: Cycle of Life and Death

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Synopsis in prose form :

Lav and Kush used to regularly play with animals and birds that
frequented the hermitage. On one occasion, a bird dies in the Ashram (hermitage) premises. 
Lav, Kush, at their tender age, are in tears at the loss of their beloved bird friend. Filled with grief and unable to comprehend anything, they ask:
“Mother! Why is there death in this world?”

Mother Sita siezes this opportunity to explain to her children the
‘Cycle of life and death.’

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Forest birds came to hermitage
Lav-Kush fed them with love
Made them sit on hands and shoulder
Sparrows,robins and dove ||1||

One beloved bird once died
Lav-Kush cried at this
They were unable to understand
What had gone amiss || 2||

Sita clutched the kids to her
Consoled them under breath
She made them understand a bit
Cycle of life and death || 3||

Song 1 : The Toll of Time


The time will take its toll,
No one can escape it,
Even the Gods incarnate,
Have not been able to skip it.

The question that remains is,
Will your name die with you,
Or will it inspire many a heart,
For ages to come after you?

Song 2 : Momentary -Living Creation


On the fathomless ocean,
Waves break up so quickly.
In cosmic infinite time,
Life exists briefly.

Only truth is the Almighty.
Keep intentions pure
Perform your holy duty
Spiritual growth is sure

Song 3: Memories of Good Deed 


The end will come like lightning,
The curtain will fall.
People will stand for a moment in silence,
And continue with life Eternal

Whatsoever you amassed,
That you cannot take along,
Only the memories of your good deeds,
Shall forever linger on.

Song 4: Eternal Truth


When the sleeping man wakes up
He realises a life beyond dream
So also beyond mortal life
Is the Eternal Truth supreme.

End of Chapter 13
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti