Chapter 12: Spiritual Development

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It was Sita’s regular custom
A sacred act of evening
Her children and Sakhis in hermitage
Sat to discuss and sing ||1||

Topics of chat were varied
All expressed their view
They talked of 'Dharma' and knowledge
Philosophy and Value ||2||

Lav-Kush raised a question
One day in discussions
Tell us what is Spiritual Development
How to know its milestones?

Song 1: Milestones of Spiritual Development

Lav and Kush:

Mother, what is ‘Spiritual Development’,
How can one recognise its milestones?


Creation, preservation and destruction.
This is the timeless cycle of nature
Encompassing the entire cosmos.
It continues forever and ever. II1II

Life-giver of planet earth,
Is our bright star, the Sun.
It shall manifest in this form
For years ten billion. II2II

The spiritual development of each species
Is part of larger divine plans.
Like a bird which flies unhindered,
Across Continents and Oceans. II3II

Man is the most evolved of all.
Listen carefully my beloved,
To the milestones I tell,
Of his spiritual development. II4II

The breast-fed infant
Slowly recognizes its parents.
This is the first milestone
Of his spiritual development II5II

The child grows in age and intellect
And offers respect to his teacher.
He shall progress rapidly
Through knowledge deep and clear. II6II

On reaching adulthood,
If he does truthful enterprise,
‘Laxmi’1 shall bless him,
As a part of spiritual progress II7II

If he eventually becomes a householder,
And regards as divine family,
The relation of wife and kin,
He shall indeed progress spiritually II8II

One who strives for all people,
Believes in the world as a family,
Blossoms the flower of good deeds,
He reaches the next degree II9II

He then gets divine vision,
Enjoys complete peace of heart,
“ I belong to nature and nature is mine”
Is his self realised thought. II10II

Time is no longer his limiting domain
He seeks and receives guidance
Through a dialogue with great Masters,
And makes further spiritual progress II11II

He who helps build the "Lord's House"
Humbly unites with will Divine
He shall indeed reach the peak
Of spiritual development supreme. ||12||

Song 2: Unification with Nature

Lav - Kush :

The dancing waves of the sea,
Fickle winds have something to say,
We belong to you, do you know that?
You belong to us, do you know that?

On the glorious mountain tops,
In the cradle of the sky,
Among the mighty clouds,
What is the whispering pray?
We belong to you, do you know that?
You belong to us, do you know that?

Softly the rain showers,
The lightning streaks glow and say,
We belong to you, do you know that?
You belong to us, do you know that?

1. "Laxmi" : Goddess of auspicious and constructive acts; also Goddess of prosperity
2. "Lord's House": Lord's Universe (Chapter 19)

End of Chapter 12
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !