Chapter 11: Upbringing of Children

Synopsis in prose form :

Sita's aim of life was now to develop Lav and Kush to such a level
of excellence that anytime in future , if they came in front of their
father Rama, He will realise that the children are really an asset to
their Royal family.

The Sakhis (lady friends) also acknowledge the experience and superior knowledge of Sita and often consult her on various issues in life. On one such occasion, the Sakhis ask Sita:
‘ How should one give a good upbringing to children?’

Link 1:

Children grow up learning things
With mother as they danced and played
Lav Kush learn from their Guru too
While motherly "Sanskar" Sita conveyed ||1||

The aim of Sita’s life was this
To develop Lav-Kush to such level
When they come in front of father Rama
He'll see them as assets Royal ||2||

Knowing that Sita is knowledgeable
Sakhi’s ask questions that they feel
Oh! Sita tell us today
The way to bring up children well ||3||

You are the queen of Royal 'Raghu' Family
Said a Sakhi in affection
Please give us your knowledge
And show all of us new direction ||4||

Song 1 : Love of Child


Guru is venerable in the world
For married woman, so is her husband
Parents give love unbounded
All are by it beholden.

But even more valuable than this
Is the love for one's child in this world
When one loves the child
It is as if they are one's heart and soul .

Song 2: Upbringing


Knowledge, devotion and truth,
Be these tonics for your infant.
Love, strength, industriousness,
Feed this recipe to it.

At every step good values
Give to your darling child.
Oh! Mothers, but do remember
The good Lord in your mind.

May they grow from strength to strength,
Your loving daughter or son,
This upbringing will make her or him,
A deserving world citizen.

Song 3 : Mother's Milk

Sita :

It is as pure as 'Ganga' waters
White untainted as Himalaya that towers
Ocean-like courage is in mother's milk
Ambrosial honey is in it of flowers.

Song 4: Qualities in Mother’s Milk


Give the child mother's milk, mother's milk.
It has pure qualities of honey,of honey
It has energy in it of the sun, of the sun
It has peace in it of the stars , of the stars
It has purity in it of God, of God.

Link 2:

Sakhi’s discussed about upbringing of children
Praised little Lav-Kush profusely
My children have good 'Sanskar'
Mother Sita said proudly

Song 5 : Well-behaved twins


Lav kush have become four years old
They are well-behaved twins
They have wisdom like elders
With Veda mantras their day begins||1||

Some times they laugh , some times they cry,
They are my children bright
If ever I feel anxious
They're a source of my delight ||2||

Rishi Valmiki gives them knowledge
They learn each and every thing
They have glowing personae
Unknown gems of Rama the king ||3||

Song 6 : Message to mother’s of different species


Like Sakhi’s of hermitage meet me
To share anxieties of their babies
So also mother's of different species
Came to tell me of their worries ||1||

They used to come to me with hope
Told me mutely of their pain
I would diagnose and support
With love caress again and again||2||

The mother of newly born pups
Said her dog brothers come to prey
They come threatening my pups
And trouble me everyday ||3||

I made her sit next to me
With love touched her snout
I will become your scolding bark
They'll run for life when you shout||4||

Swan mother on a flight afar
Alighted as if something was amiss
My children should never lose their path
Please mother bless them for this ||5||

My heart filled with affection
I held the fledglings with delight
Prayed to the Sun and Moon
To guide them in their flight ||6||

The tigress came from forest deep
With her little cubs cute
How can they live independently ?
Oh! Mother tell me this minute ||7||

I touched her udder with my hands
Gave a message of empowerment
If you are brave in thoughts
Your milk has same content ||8||

The mother cow came ringing bells
And stood next to me
How should I serve the world ?
Oh mother Sita ,please tell me ||9||

I happily hugged her in affection
And said in testimony
Whosoever's house you live in,
They'll have peace and harmony ||10||

I should symbolise sacrifice I pray
In the beautiful garden of creation
Energize every species' mother
And be their spirit of salvation ||11||

Ensconced in your inner soul
Through strength and devotion
Is 'AAdi Mata' the timeless divine mother
Who pervades you in salvation ||12||

Song 7: Seeing the Lord perpetually


Should you lose your son
Who loved you and smiled
You see him everywhere ,don't you
In every other child.

When the relation with God
Is one of love and pining
You'll see him everywhere
In every living thing

Song 8 : OH Merciful God !

Sita and Sakhis:

You're Ocean of knowledge
Oh ! Merciful God ,
Take me at your feet please
Oh! My Lord ||Refrain ||

In the sweet songs of birds
Oh ! Merciful God ,
I hear your mystical voice
Oh! My Lord ||1||

In forests ,trees and blossoms
Oh ! Merciful God ,
Let me see you
Oh! My Lord ||2||

There is only one 'Truth'
Oh ! Merciful God ,
Your name has infinite power
Oh! My Lord ||3||

End of Chapter 11
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !