Chapter 10: Holy Chant

Synopsis in prose form :
Lav and Kush once ask mother as to what is the power of Chanting the name of the Lord?

“Chanting the Lord’s name is the easy method of releasing ‘Pranic Shakti’ i.e. spiritual energy (life-force) into our mind and body,” explains mother Sita to her children gently.

Lav Kush :
Mother What is the strength of chanting the name of Lord and what is meant by devotion ?

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There was curiosity on the face of the twins
This Sita had understood
To make everyone enlightened
She gave Lord’s chant good

Song 1 : Ocean of Life


The heart is filled with various hues
Oh devotee, the heart is filled with various hues.

An actor changes his guise in a moment,
So does the heart assume different hues?
Be cautious and guide it in God’s purpose.
The heart is filled with various hues

The ocean of life is endless
How will you reach the shore?
Remember the God Almighty,
Do only good deeds,
Purify yourself completely…….
Then, you shall reach the shore.

Song 2: Chant of Rama-Mantra

Sita :

Making your body and mind pure,
Everyday before your meal
Where air moves freely
Sit in such clean place ideal ||1||

Whether the place is inside or outside
Close the eyes gently
Sitting in the 'Padmasan' position
Chant this Lord’s name intently ||2||

Slowly take deep breath inside
And stop it for two moments
Chant this 'Mantra' with concentration
Say ‘Raaaaa’ for four moments ||3||

Contract your stomach inwards
As you exhale the breath
Then closing your lips lightly
utter the sound ‘Mmmm’ at length ||4||

In your chest, throat and nose
Let it echo for two moments
And experience the ‘Pranic Shakti
By sitting calmly for another two moments ||5||

Chant this 'Mantra' of Lord Rama
Without any expectation from Lord
Rest of the day remember Him
And do the good work of God ||6||

* 'Mantra' means a chant
'Padmasan' is a 'yogic' sitting position in which you sit cross-legged on the ground with the soles of
feet facing upwards.

Song 3: The Pining Soul


As a seedling yearns for sunlight,
So does my soul
Pine for the Lord!

Like a mother who does her household chores,
Has her attention focussed on the child
So should you do your worldly duty,
With your heart fixed on the Almighty.
Then shall your pining soul
Be quenched of thirst,
Oh devotee!

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Mother would to her kids explain
To fulfill your life's quest.
Follow the nine ways of worship
And be by God blessed

Song 4: Ways of Worship


Oh! Devotee, listen how you can
Worship the divine Mother,
Your life will sublimate
By revering Her in this manner.

First way is “Namasmaran”,
Silently chanting Her holy name.
Second is “Chintan”,
Meditate on Her divine form.
Third is “Atma-manthan”,
Introspect your own self.
Fourth way is “Poojan”,
Offering incense, fruits and flowers.
Fifth way is “Pathan”,
Reading of the scriptures.
Sixth way is “Kirtan”,
Singing of devotional hymns,
Seventh way is “Vandan”,
Salutation to the Divine in all beings
Eighth way is “Atmasamarpan”,
Submission to the will Divine.
Ninth way is “Sat-Karma”,
Performance of Dharma (Duty) to perfection

Any way of worship, oh! Devotee
Is dear to Divine Mother.

Song 5: The Ocean of Devotion

Like pure water
is elixir of life
So also a pure heart
Contains the ocean of devotion

Song 6: Happiness of devotion

Sita :

Enjoy the happiness of devotion
Bask in the love of mother Goddess kind
Concentrating yourself at the feet of Lord
Always remember your duties in mind.

Song 7 : Shrine


Will anyone ever kneel
In front of an empty edifice, per se?
When you install a sacred artifact,
People will come and pray

This body of material elements
Will anyone call as divine?
When you seat God in your heart
Then your life will be sublime.

Song 8: Sublimation

Clay, Wood, Stone
Painting or any metal thing,
Where your mind will sublimate,
That is God , That is symbolic of Him.

Song no. 9: Beloved Devotee


From the light of a lamp,
Several creatures do gain,
But that being is most faithful,
Who jumps into the flame.

God’s love is like this
It benefits all and is constant
But that devotee is beloved
Who is unified every moment?

Song 10: Dialogue of soul and mind 

Lav and Kush:

Oh my mind, why are you acting as my enemy,
And keeping me away from my Lord?

I have fulfilled all your worldly desires,
Yet you are keeping me away from my Lord,
I allowed you to drift all over the world,
Yet you are keeping me away from my Lord.

Ah! I did not exercise control over you,
So you separated me from my Lord,
I will now act with faith and do good deeds only,
Let me then see how you can separate,
Me from my Lord!!

End of Chapter 10
Om Shanti ! Om Shanti ! Om Shanti !