Chapter 1: Sita Shakti Kavya Introduction

1. Sita Shakti Kavya Introduction

The sweet memories of Mother Sita
The life of Lav- Kush it presents
The nectar of wisdom Sita got
This anthology is full of these events ||1||

Portrayal of childhood of Lav and Kush
Sita’s pinning for Rama, her husband
Reunion of Sita and Rama
Truth for all to understand ||2||

Feel the greatness of Lord’s name
What Lav – Kush got as teachings
The values that Sita gave her children
Adopt this poem for superior living ||3||

One gets Lord’s love and holy chants
Songs of upbringing of children are here
The truth of life cycle that Sita gave
The poem is full of motherly love dear ||4||

How to perform righteous deeds
How spiritualism leads to devotion
Arrogance is harmful, caste it away
Introspect on the ‘Atma Gnyan’* therein ||5||

Knowing ‘Satguru’ *and life’s path
How to blossom in the Lord’s world
Getting prosperity through truthful labour
Salvation of life is unfurled ||6||

Of Sita, Rama and Lav – Kush’s
Astonishing events are there galore
Empowered Sita is manifest here
Peruse and get the fruit you adore ||7||

* Atma Gnyan = Spiritual knowledge
Satguru = Great Master

End of Chapter 1
Om Shanti! Om Shanti! Om Shanti!