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Welcome to Empowerment Anthologies.
Some tips for using this site:
The site can be viewed on desktop, laptop,mobile 

1. To play all AUDIO -TRACKS, click on the link given  .
These Audio-Tracks include  Narrations, sound tracks of the video songs  , as also sound tracks of songs that are other than the videos. 
Please note that these Audio Tracks Links will play from 

2. On Desktop PC
Preferably open the link  in a new tab when you are on Desktop. This way the tab of the Empowerment Anthologies site will remain visible on Desktop. After listening to the Audio Track Links you may return to the tab of the site.  

3. On mobile phone
If you play any sound file from the site on mobile phone , this may require you to download the app of SoundCloud from Play store for Android or App store for i-Phone.

Further when you play the sound file on mobile , it opens in a new window. Hence after playing the sound file, if you wish to go back to the Anthology site, then please locate your window of the site  from the tabs function of your mobile phone.